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  1. I recently had some work done on my 98 SV and when I picked it up and drove off, the brake light came on which meant the E brake was partially engaged. When I tried to release it, the button failed to work. I gently pulled it up while pushing the button, but now it got even tighter. I eventually got it to release by using a pencil to push the button about 3/8" deep past the surface of the handle which is impossible to do with your finger. After pulling apart the E-brake, I found the problem. The rod which is attached to the button was bent, see pics below, which prevented the rod from engaging the pawl to release the brake. Once I straightened the rod, it worked like new. Given the replacement cost of a new handbrake assembly, this is a good no cost solution.
  2. Fuel Level Sending Unit for a 98 Diablo SV- for those with with fuel sender issues the factory unit costs $548. I was unable to find the equivalent unit as there are no marking on the gauge so I bought a replacement from the factory. To save others from spending way too much for this, you can order one from ETB Instruments for $67. Here is the website: https://www.etbinstruments.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=86 The model# is VDO 224011000310X . The last digits represent the length which is 310mm. I believe all models use the same one. The ohm reading is 3.5 ohms full and 84 ohms empty. I am providing this as it doesn't appear in any Lamborghini repair manual. To replace, you need to remove the coolant reservoir and rear tire. That tank needs to be slid out towards the rear about 6" as there is a diagonal cross strut directly over the fuel sender.
  3. I must say I didnt think there would be a more vivid color than mine. Most of the 20 cars have some form of Tri color paint job which make them stunning. Here is a photo of my Monterrey Edition #3 that was originally sold to the power ball winner and driven by Andretti in the running of the bulls. The car has undergone considerable restoration. The wheels have been rebuilt and re chromed by California Chrome in So Cal. I am told there were only 30 wheel sets made for these 20 cars so yes the wheels are very rare. I have seen the ME wheels on the Victoria Secret Special Edition SV. They are lighter than standard SV wheels as the profile has less aluminum.
  4. Does anyone know of 18" Kinesis Wheels used on Monterrey Edition SV for sale? I was able to track down what I needed but very costly for just one wheel so I thought I would see if anyone has one even if it needs re-chroming.
  5. I just installed rebuilt Koni lift shocks in my 98 SV and my mechanic recommended MOPAR ATF4 which is a synthetic which is more compatible with the seals.
  6. Roy, forget the luggage, it gets in the way of carrying lots of wine. Let me know if you have a tool set in tan leather holder.
  7. Mark55

    Diablo ECU

    Stephen, I have a 91 Diablo and need to reset my ECU. I found the reset procedures but just can't locate the ECU. As you had a 91 perhaps you can tell me where this is hidden. Thanks, Mark
  8. It could have been mine, except mine is a 91 hard top and red
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