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  1. Rand0mH3RO

    Thoughts on a used 09 TTG

    There are a lot TTG's for sale right now to get a good estimate on what they sell for. Here's one listed on this forum http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=75073
  2. Rand0mH3RO

    WGF, Hot Springs VA

    Privateer Division
  3. Rand0mH3RO

    Headed back to UGR !! Phase Two

    Some are gallardos are LP550-2 which are RWD
  4. Rand0mH3RO

    TTG TX2K Headcount

    I think what he meant was why are they listed on the TTG list
  5. Rand0mH3RO

    TI (Texas Invitational, Oct 3rd-5th) 2014.

    Why do I always make the mistake of reading some of the comments on Youtube videos? lol I think my IQ just dropped by 50
  6. Rand0mH3RO

    So... Ebola...

    Liberia has closed its boarders in hope of curbing the outbreak.
  7. Rand0mH3RO

    Why a flaming Lamborghini is always a bad idea

    I am really glad NC has a law against lighting drinks on fire or else I would be highly tempted to order one of these when I was a couple drinks deep.
  8. Rand0mH3RO

    purple aventador

    I saw that earlier today. Definitely not my style, but it is a pretty good wrap job.
  9. Rand0mH3RO

    Hall Of Shame Lambos

    Look's like most of the cars on the gumball or goldrush rallies until you see the exhaust. I can't believe someone put stacks on a Lamborghini.
  10. Yeah the collapsible stock is on a pump shotgun and the .308 is definitely a M1A. Hopefully they catch the guy and no one else gets hurt.
  11. Rand0mH3RO

    Streaming media to TV

    I've used my Xbox 360 for years to do it. However I've been thinking about getting an Apple Tv 2 and jailbraking it to run on XBMC.
  12. Rand0mH3RO

    Apple vs. Android

    I agree, I hated my iPod back in the day when I had to change anything on it using my Windows computer. It is actually easier for me to back up pictures and videos to my Windows 7 machine because I can view the iPhone as a drive and copy and paste the videos/photos without having to use iTunes. (I sync my iPhone using my Mac because that is where most of my music is)
  13. Rand0mH3RO

    Apple vs. Android

    Apple definitely supports their phones for a long time. The iPhone 4 which has been out since 2010 will not be getting the newest iOS 8 which will be available in the fall. However, it has iOS 7 which will still be supported by Apple as well as App developers. As far as hardware goes, my iPhone 5 (which I got the day it was released) has held up very well especially with the Lifeproof Nuud case. The case which doesn't have a screen protector allows the phone to be waterproof. Also, my Macbook Pro and my Windows desk top work flawlessly when move and back up stuff from my phone. (It works better with my Mac, but still functions just fine with the Windows machine.)
  14. Rand0mH3RO

    Huracan sports exhaust

    Wow, that is a big difference from the other videos of the normal exhaust. The Huracan looks really good in white too.