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  1. How high do you think bitcoin will go this year? A friend is thinking 300k by the end of the year.
  2. It is beautifull! Can I really not type an exclamation point here?
  3. We need someone to pick a fight with another forum like the old days. But are any forums very active any more?
  4. I dont remember seeing pictures of his but knew he was getting this color. Looks awesome! Gino's purple SVJ and Urus is awesome too.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/leadfoottransportllc/ This guy is always hauling cool shit. 2 car trailers. Seems like a hard working guy.
  6. http://www.exoticspotter.com/lamborghini-aventador-atlanta-georgia-271840 Is this yours?
  7. Man that light bar is hot! Makes me think of all the 90s pickups with them. Cant really tell anything else. Hope its nice!
  8. I dont think anything is going to happen with DOGE. There was a slight run up this weekend, but its going down now. I threw a $100 at it, I really had that little faith in it, still dont. Pretty much like betting on a sports game for me(and I dont follow sports much).
  9. Maybe if/when Europe shuts down again something will happen. If they can some how still build cars maybe they will make it.
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