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  1. Im working on getting one now. My guy's supplier doesnt have any. As soon as he can I will for sure. Or may look else ware. Whats the thoughts on the SBR's and suppressors now? I just get one and now banning them gets traction from the President and Democrats.
  2. Dude, thats what I thought too while reading the post.
  3. That guy takes the internet way to serious.
  4. HBO's You Tube has padcasts about every episode. Kind of interesting and goes into more of the details and tells what really happened. https://www.youtube.com/user/HBO/videos
  5. Love it! I've watched all the documentaries on the disaster so I do like the show. Hoping to watch the final episode tonight.
  6. Nice Camaro Taillights!
  7. Make's us 33 year olds look dumb.
  8. This was posted in my cities subreddit on Reddit.
  9. http://www.weatherby.com/orion-sporting.html Found a new gun I want. Friend was in Scheels looking at guns. I told him my opinion and then looked at guns for me. I came across this one. Seems like a great sporting clay gun, which is my main shooting. Has a lot of the feature my dad's 3500 gun has. It was close to a impulse buy. But I held off. Its still tempting.
  10. There was talk about the Corvette having to move up in whatever series they race. Makes sense.
  11. Pretty sweet! Anyone want to see what us poor people live in? Just kidding Im not showing my house.
  12. BLK85

    LS1-Swapped Jalpa

    I wouldnt do it. But I have thought a 348, 355, or 360 with a blown motor would be a perfect candidate for an LS swap.
  13. GM names are precious. Dodge has the Charger and Dart. Both are terrible from a point of comparing them to the original.
  14. But keep Bugatti? Doubtful, but who knows.
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