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  1. Looks like he just drew a Diablo concept to me.
  2. That is one of my favorite Lamborghini's. I hope to see one some day.
  3. I love the Ger Collection. But I wonder why he has so many car's that are essentially the same thing. Maybe they arent all one person's cars. Either way they are awesome. I didnt know a Porsche could sound so good until he did the exhaust on his. The Fi Exhaust is good too.
  4. BLK85

    My Bookie?

    Has anyone used this? I'm sure a lot do. But I have always been hesitant to do it since it's not in the US. So they could just take your money and keep it. There are some interesting bet's set up there, I would like to throw some money at.
  5. I would take it, if I had a Huracan. Its a good sounding exhaust.
  6. Thats cool! That looks like pretty nice masks too!
  7. It is something, that is correct.
  8. Shit, you could have a Bugatti Veyron on your wrist. I did not realize Jacob and Co makes some very expensive watches. Some of those are very complex. This thread did not go where I hoped it would. Where did everyone go?
  9. Why is Electric the technology that is decided to power our cars of the future? We dont produce enough power to power all the cars in the world. Nuclear is the only way to do it and those plants are getting shut down. Hope you like what your electricity bill is now, because it will never be that low again. At least the Nikola Badger is Hydrogen/Electric. But there are no Hydrogen filling stations.
  10. I was thinking about this the other day. What is a vintage or past model of a watch that was the watch of the day? Like the AP ROO is very popular today. What was the AP to get in say 1950(for example)? Im curious about all brands with long history's. What about Pocket Watches when they were big?
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