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  1. BLK85

    Aston Martin Valkyrie's V12 at 11000 rpm

    Pretty sure if you dont already have a Valkyrie you are SOL.
  2. BLK85

    The Gymkhana Files Documentary

    One of the founders on Hoonigan was recently on Matt Farrah's podcast and said they are done after this one.
  3. BLK85

    The Montana LLC complication

    Why are they all of a sudden up in arms about this loophole? But the Delaware Corporation filing almost no one really knows about? Seems that would be a larger cash cow, but probably harder to collect.
  4. BLK85

    Coming This Week - Exciting Board Announcement!

    We are talking LP time. Should know by Thursday.
  5. Yea it was really like a week before. It was on Twitter, Yea I liked the video too.
  6. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    What casino takes that bet?
  7. A week after he bitched and moaned about not getting one. He had to have known his car was inbound when he bitched about it.
  8. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    For the first year I would travel a ton. Let stuff cool down at home. Experience places I would have never seen.
  9. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Paul Allen's is probably available, now, unfortunately. Now its up to 86x million. If you take the lump sum thats in the 400m range. I might have to buy my own private jet. Not a G650 or Global Express, maybe like a medium Challenger.
  10. BLK85

    Wallet recommendations

    I have a Fossil front wallet. I love it!
  11. BLK85

    Helicopter charter - SoCal to Ojai

    I have nothing to add other than that model of Helicopter flew to the peak of Mount Everest, setting some kind of record. Im sure if it's maintained it will be fine. Helicopters are cool! I've ridden in two of them, although military ones. A Huey with bullet holes in it and a Blackhawk.
  12. BLK85


    That is a great looking car! Enjoy it! I could of swore I saw this on Bring a Trailer recently. Is that where you found it?
  13. BLK85

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The 918 is also 13 seconds behind the SVJ's Ring time too.