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  1. Mike the Cop is calling it quits. His reason's make sense to me.
  2. I think we are at the point now where it gets beat by a few minutes at a time. I think now people will have to come up with new routes now. I get the current route at least start and end point is historical. But why not a furthest north east to furthest south west spot? Or maybe do a West to East now?
  3. This spring? So its a whole another year before the full reveal?
  4. Here is the video everyone was waiting for.
  5. Thanks. I didnt know they were doing interviews. I have seen other interviews with Mr. Alot, he is interesting. This week is a busy one for Podcast's. Doug DeMuro on TST, Fighter Pilot Podcast, this, Drinking Bros, Collion Noir just recorded JRE.
  6. Great lineup! What color is the Vette?
  7. Wow! Is this the record Ed was talking about that is sub 26 hours? I bet it is. Crazy that its a solo run. I have no desire to be a part of a team. Solo hell no, my max is about 8 hours in the car.
  8. It's going to keep happening. If you keep tieing the cops hands or charge them every time they shoot their gun, who wants to be under that much pressure. So it will be shoot the suspect and face charges or dont shoot and risk dieing. This shooting seemed to be the most justified shooting I've seen in awhile. Saw this posted on Facebook. Hmm....
  9. Obviously this year is not going the way anyone planned. What car manufacturers do you think might not exist after the dust settles? McLaren Mortgage's headquarter and cars in the building. I dont follow car media too close, but this one popped up. Who else is in trouble? One of the small super/hyper car makers will probably go away. What about mainstream manufacturers? Any of them going away?
  10. I dont keep track of any except Speed Society. But SS is always giving away something. I wondered how it makes sense too.
  11. I've heard that before. I think it was on a more recent podcast of The Smoking Tire. I cant remember who said it or where in the podcast it was said. But the guy who said it is a C5 owner. It make's perfect sense. You can get a C5 Z06 for 30k or you can get a C6 Z06, which is a way better car for 35-40k.
  12. I think the C6 is a great looking car. I like the C5s too, but they are stupid expensive for a 20 year old car.
  13. People are asking stupid money for them right now. Is anyone getting 125k for one? More than 100 for the base model Corvette seems stupid to me. You are starting to compare it to so many other cars at that price point.
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