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  1. Man that light bar is hot! Makes me think of all the 90s pickups with them. Cant really tell anything else. Hope its nice!
  2. I dont think anything is going to happen with DOGE. There was a slight run up this weekend, but its going down now. I threw a $100 at it, I really had that little faith in it, still dont. Pretty much like betting on a sports game for me(and I dont follow sports much).
  3. Maybe if/when Europe shuts down again something will happen. If they can some how still build cars maybe they will make it.
  4. Looks like he just drew a Diablo concept to me.
  5. That is one of my favorite Lamborghini's. I hope to see one some day.
  6. I love the Ger Collection. But I wonder why he has so many car's that are essentially the same thing. Maybe they arent all one person's cars. Either way they are awesome. I didnt know a Porsche could sound so good until he did the exhaust on his. The Fi Exhaust is good too.
  7. BLK85

    My Bookie?

    Has anyone used this? I'm sure a lot do. But I have always been hesitant to do it since it's not in the US. So they could just take your money and keep it. There are some interesting bet's set up there, I would like to throw some money at.
  8. I would take it, if I had a Huracan. Its a good sounding exhaust.
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