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  1. BLK85

    I really need to buy a new gun...

    I did hear some people say that Barr is not very supportive of the right wing ideas. I never really looked into what he was against. I have a coworker who sells suppressors on the side for the 8 state region. He told me to call the ATF. I called today, they said to proceed and now Im just waiting for the FBI to finish their background check.
  2. BLK85

    I really need to buy a new gun...

    Is Barr not a 2A friendly? I havent paid attention to him at all. The looming 2nd Government shutdown isnt going to help my wait either.
  3. BLK85

    I really need to buy a new gun...

    Almost exactly one year in. Still waiting.
  4. BLK85

    Geneva Motor Show 2019

    Maybe Urus "Performante"?
  5. BLK85


    Finally a GTR that looks good.
  6. Few headlines, ThethetheFerrari sells for 3.3m. ThethetheFerrari Aperta bid to 6.1 doesnt sell. 911R 300k, MP4-12C spider 247k.
  7. BLK85

    California Exhaust law

    Ive looked at 500s as a super cheap daily to lease. When I looked, the deals didnt seem that great. Maybe they are better now.
  8. BLK85


    Wow, if thats true, now it makes sense. Go out get the exhaust to shoot flames so that it will catch on fire 10 days after you buy it. All while telling your insurance company your primary car is a Smart ForTwo, while having $1.5m(before the Senna) in cars. It all smelled fishy since he is such a douche. Hope I'm wrong and he's just a douche, not an insurance fraud kinda guy.
  9. BLK85


    His comments have been turned off for awhile. Seems he doesnt handle criticism well, or cant resist reading comments.
  10. BLK85

    California Exhaust law So now if you have a modified exhaust you get a $1,000 fine. But how do they know if its modified? They also have a decibel limit of 95db, which Im sure a good amount of stock cars probably violate. Anyone get pulled over for it yet?
  11. BLK85

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    Thats awesome!
  12. BLK85

    Best concerts you have attended?

    Got Ozzy Tickets in St. Paul. I guess he is sober now. So should be a good show. Hopefully. Also thinking about Iron Maiden in St. Paul. Im not a huge fan, but they have good music. Would be cool to see live.
  13. BLK85

    Took a couple cars out...

    Diablo is still my favorite. First car that got me into cars, Diablo 6.0 VT on the cover of Road and Track in 2001.