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  1. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/lamborghini-3/ Anyone need an engine for some project? Dont know what it would work in, but it would be cool to have.
  2. BLK85

    Enzo wrecked

    Looks like it could probably be rebuilt when the car is worth $3m.
  3. BLK85

    Enzo wrecked

    Looks like a big hit. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a38801968/ferrari-enzo-crash-netherlands/?fbclid=IwAR0MrINwkCgc91dH3kHqvM8hC6N3nqRfuQ87-S3RLYyelKuekR52Ic-4GEs
  4. BLK85

    Office chairs

    Has anyone had any experience with X Chair? I hear that on the radio, I cant remember who endorses it. I wonder if they are any good. Thanks for the other suggestions too. I will look into them when the time comes.
  5. BLK85

    Office chairs

    It's at home, but I got a promising interview for a WFH job. So both.
  6. BLK85

    Office chairs

    What is a high quality chair that doesnt Eff up your body? Would like something that will last awhile.
  7. I didnt know this all. Now it has me wondering who it was. There is really only one I can think of.
  8. https://www.lotuscars.com/model/emira Seems like a good car for $95k for a good one, starts at $75k. It's a good looking car. What are everyone's thoughts? Anyone getting one?
  9. Diablo SV & 6.0 are my top two favorite's. They are the models that really got me interested in cars.
  10. No idea, it has just worked for me.
  11. Tripple F did some funny video's of them bouncing. Would be curious to see it used in a situation MB meant for it to be used.
  12. I dont get it. It looks ok, but slow as duck. Put that money towards what you can afford.
  13. That is a good looking 6.0!
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