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  1. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    What casino takes that bet?
  2. A week after he bitched and moaned about not getting one. He had to have known his car was inbound when he bitched about it.
  3. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    For the first year I would travel a ton. Let stuff cool down at home. Experience places I would have never seen.
  4. BLK85

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Paul Allen's is probably available, now, unfortunately. Now its up to 86x million. If you take the lump sum thats in the 400m range. I might have to buy my own private jet. Not a G650 or Global Express, maybe like a medium Challenger.
  5. BLK85

    Wallet recommendations

    I have a Fossil front wallet. I love it!
  6. BLK85

    Helicopter charter - SoCal to Ojai

    I have nothing to add other than that model of Helicopter flew to the peak of Mount Everest, setting some kind of record. Im sure if it's maintained it will be fine. Helicopters are cool! I've ridden in two of them, although military ones. A Huey with bullet holes in it and a Blackhawk.
  7. BLK85


    That is a great looking car! Enjoy it! I could of swore I saw this on Bring a Trailer recently. Is that where you found it?
  8. BLK85

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The 918 is also 13 seconds behind the SVJ's Ring time too.
  9. BLK85

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    I saw Lunitic_Living kick his ass(just kick his ass, not beat him) in a IG Story. Not sure if it was a set up or real.
  10. BLK85

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    I dont really like it, but I dont have a strong opinion against it. It might look better in person.
  11. BLK85

    Mid engine Corvette C8-R

    Hope its real this time. Everyone has been saying mid engine Corvette for 20 years now at least. I think its real this time. Will be interesting to see what GM does with it.
  12. BLK85

    Gun Free Zone & Second Amendment Question

    Why? What if there is a dirt berm? Or what if you shoot one direction and it goes into a hill and no way it will come close to a person. Have you ever shot a gun? Do you understand how they work? Or do you just read what the Internet tells you?
  13. BLK85

    New track tool

    I love the new ZR1. Cant wait to hear what you think of it on the track.
  14. BLK85

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Ballsy on the color, but I love it!