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  1. Sal

    You need these!

    Here are 2 really great tricks and very inexpensive. 1 inch wide, self adhesive body side molding works awesome on flat bottom bumper surfaces. It is an excellent sacrificial layer. When it gets scraped, just remove and install another pieces. Been using it on all my cars for the last 8 years. Can be removed without any holes or paint damage. Comes in all colors if you want it to color match the bumper. For spoiler thin lip protection, use black door edge molding. Just push on to spoiler edge lip. Whenever you bottom out or scrape ground the door edge molding takes the impact, not the spoiler lip.. Also comes in assorted colors. Bonus: The body side molding also comes in a carbon fiber pattern.. You can buy both items in any Pep Boys or Autozone.
  2. Sal

    Just picked up new 16' SV!!

    You need to keep constant pressure on the brake pedal when stopped at a light. If you relax your foot a little the car will automatically default to neutral. It protects the clutches from slipping and wearing.. Big pain in the ass.. You'll get use to it..
  3. Sal

    TeamSalamone Newest Movie!! "Dr1ven"

    Spectacular!!!!!! Awesome video... Great job Bryan...
  4. Sal

    4wd overheating

    You definitely cannot run a 235/35/20 series on the front...
  5. Sal

    4wd overheating

    Wrong tire sizes would change the factory rolling diameter required for the Huracan... When changing wheels or tire sizes on an AWD vehicle. You must keep as close to the same rolling diameter as factory tire specs. I not sure of the exact + or - tolerance allowed. Otherwise you can cause damage to the AWD system ( I believe it is the viscous coupler or apex) and possibly void your warranty.
  6. Sal

    Giallo Orion Aventador SV - PHOTOS !

    Awesome shots. Great job Hovik.. As usual...
  7. Sal

    Happy BDAY MAC-N-IT!

    Happy Birthday
  8. Sal

    So who ordered an SV?

    Congrats... Looks Awesome!!!!!!
  9. Sal

    SPExRevozport Lamborghini Huracan

    Not on there website??????
  10. Sal

    Old Face New Business - Dave's Back!

    Good Luck with your new business.
  11. Sal

    Aventador (SV) Super Veloce Pictures

    Car looks stunning. Congrats Bryan..
  12. Sal

    Pics of my Huracan in Nero Serapis!

    Thanks. Awesome car!!!!
  13. Sal

    Pics of my Huracan in Nero Serapis!

    Whose Air Filters? Price?
  14. Sal

    New Aventador owner Couple questions

    Here is the info for the Ross-Tech Scanner.. If you tell them it is for the Lambo Aventador, they might tell you it doesn't work for that application. Ignore them it does work.. You need to get The Ross-Tech Hex-Can USB interface.. I bought mine from Europaparts. Cost approx $349.00 Works great and has many features, like raising the rear wing for bumper removal..
  15. Sal

    New Aventador owner Couple questions

    Lamborghini makes a special tool kit to remove the grills without damaging the fragile locking tabs. Part number for the tool is #69195290. Unfortunately, it cost approx $350.00. You can order it from Lambo Stuff. CAPRISTO EXHAUST USA makes a remote control unit for the stock valve exhaust which is a really simple Plug and Play install. No CEL light. Cost approx $750.00 also works on the Huracan. Hope this helps.