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  1. Does anyone know if the 2013 Bentley Supersports ISR has the Bluetooth music streaming capability? My 2011 Supersports wouldn’t even load up the phone book contacts.🤣
  2. With the Egear in full swing, I wonder how difficult it would be to get parts for stick shift years down the road. I wouldn't be surprised that Lamborghini will charge an arm and a leg for parts that they don't manufacture anymore.
  3. I wonder if the IRUS works this time around. I heard NH4 already signed up for a used one 5 years down the road. Hehehe.
  4. Do you have a contract with Tesla now? My best friend who is an executive officer from Foxconn (the manufacturer for all the iPhone) to manufacture parts for Tesla might be of your assistance.
  5. What's weird is that the 2014 12c spider went to low $200,000 mark a lot sooner than 2013 12c spider! Who wants to pay $200,000 on a 2013 spider while you can get a newer 2014 spider?
  6. There was another same incident in regards to a Porsche GT2 that went viral on 6speedonline.
  7. I meant using factory oem parts to reto fit manual in a performante, SV, LP640, etc as an example not necessarily only on 599. I know that people prefer original but manual are such a dinosaur nowadays. Would people really care when there are no manuals to offer one day?
  8. They are flooding the market with these cars. In the end they are the same car with some minor changes.
  9. Would potential buyer pay a premium if manual were retro fitted? Just wondering?
  10. I don't want to cross post link from other website. Lambo power is not a Mclaren forum so do a search if you are interested to find out. Many of my die hard Mclaren owner friends are leaving the brand and not look back.
  11. There has been a lot of reports from actual owner that are complaining about transmission failure and leaking on mp4-12c. So much for the bullet proof reliability!
  12. Couldn't say it better myself! Does this guy have a job?
  13. Nothing special! The trade in value for 2013 Mclaren MP4-12c spider is already at $175,000. I don't understand why they drop so much so quickly.
  14. Looking at the carfax, it has been sitting in the show room for more than a year now. Looks like most people are fed up with the heavy depreciation! Looks like they are might be whole selling the 2013 coupe for $150,000 by next year. Yikes! Thanks for sharing!
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