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  1. I am interested in bumpers.  Still got them? 




  2. I love the attention to detail Ed! I will ask my body guy when i get to the office. He fixed a yellow roadster about 6 months ago and was in that area.
  3. I own an exotic specialty auto shop and can carry out a thorough PPI or just put eyes on it. We are 15min away from Fairlawn. Call anytime. 9734495888. John If you mean Fairlawn, NJ.
  4. There is a specialist guy who just rebuilds Murci headlights. I believe his name is Nick Naylor.
  5. I want a CGT in the worst way. Was going to sell my gated 640 to make the change. Then i said fcuk that. Not selling. Just had to push harder and make more money. Will just add a CGT when i find the right one. Right now it is 2018. Hopefully we're alive in 2040 and longer! We will never drive cars like these again. Can buy a murci roadster any damn time. Not gated so easily. Keep that gated and add the roadster when you can baby!
  6. A regular Gallardo front fender WILL work PERFECTLY on an LP Gallardo. It bolts up at all brackets PERFECTLY, except 1 down below by the bottom of the side skirt. Extremely easy modified and installed PERFECT. The front edge is NOT shaped differently. The fenders are identical minus the lower bracket i mentioned. The car is now completely repaired, painted and everything lines up incredible. Arancio Borealis matched to perfection as well. Hopefully this thread will help someone else in the future. Now if my picture uploading would work....
  7. JohnN


    Axe vs Taylor/Awesome Russian gangster!
  8. Cabbe, I am 99% positive the difference in headlight shape from G to LPG is only on the hood side. Not next to fender. Not positive though. Glen, i know you were one of the "hell no" answers i got. But i have heard from a few other credible guys that sell used parts, that it does work with very minor modifications. However, I'm looking for someone who has actually done it.
  9. Looking for an actual experience versus guessing. I'm not getting any solid answers from guys with experience in this department... Thanks in advance.
  10. Double, i don't think that's mine. I have black calipers and no quilted seats.
  11. That was exactly what I wanted to do to with my gated 640. Too bad I am no longer doing anything of the nature and will get it up to date and list it.
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