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  1. Yes, I think they are booking it.
  2. Have a call into them too!
  3. A buddy who is a drummer in a band, is moving to Ohio and needs to transport his 2 vehicles in a covered transport. Any 2 car private haulers out there?
  4. I have Feynlab on my Cepheus Blu Huracan. Scratches will self heal in the sun. And it does work. But is a bitch to install.
  5. With regenerative braking, no need to replace brake pads for about 150k miles.
  6. Never a problem, always willing to lend a helping hand.
  7. I have 2. A Model S and a Model 3. Would not buy anything but an electric for a daily. Love everything about it, no issues or anxieties as some put it. I do not need 800lbs of fancy leather and crap in the car, give me electronics any day. I love autopilot, I loath drivers who refuse to put their phones down and say they don't need it. I know each have their own opinions, but until you own one, is it really valid? As for the rants on Tesla, never understood those...unless you are still pissed off you did not buy the stock at $27.
  8. I am personal friends with Todd, the owner. I actually became friends with him after making several deals. As stated before, he doesn’t give his inventory away. He tries to get top dollar. So negotiation can be difficult. That doesn’t make him a bad guy, it makes him a smart business person. But I’ve never seen a bad deal. He always stands behind his product and the cars are thoroughly inspected. I’ve recommended him to several friends and do not make recommendations unless I believe the seller is honest and has integrity. Todd has both of those.
  9. I had a car coated in ceramic pro. I was skeptical at first, but thought what the hell. After I owned the car for about six months and realize how easy it was to keep clean, I wouldn’t own a car without a ceramic coating. The hard part is deciding which products work and which ones are bullshit. There’s a whole bunch and knock offs and claim that it’s for do it yourselfer. I think those are hydrophobic coating’s and not really a true ceramic product. Do your research, but if something comes with a good warranty and takes the detailer a day and a half to install it, you’re probably getting a real ceramic coating. I would however never try these yourself if you’ve not done detailing. If applied in properly, they are a permanent coding and I’ve seen some batch jobs where people have put it on too thick in one area and not enough in the other area. You really have to be meticulous and know what you’re doing.
  10. Best thing of ever done is use ceramic pro on the entire car. Then I typically just use warm water and a very mild detergent to wash the cars. There’s not much else you can do once the car is ceramic coated. No waxing, no polishing and keeps the finish perfect for a really long time. You almost can’t screw it up.
  11. I had a 5 car garage, added a lift to one stall. Hated it, never drove what was up there, too much work. So I bought property 1.5 miles away and put up a 14 car garage with a 2 post work lift and a car wash bay. Way easier and more fun. But if you must, this is my favorite lift. https://aclifts.com/products-2/automotive-l...4-5-and-m1-6-5/
  12. I thought you were joking about a boat motor when you stated that. But upon further inspection, that would be insanely incredible. Speaking of both motors, I saw a pontoon boat with twin 400R Mercurys on it, the other day. Talking about crazy!
  13. Those are awesome suggestions. I will check it out.
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