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  1. Cadster -Is this one of the exposed carbon body SV J cars or one of the regular colors that is arriving? Give your dealer back the 812 and tell him you want the spider version that should give you some time with the SV J experience that sounds like the perfect 'fit' for you.
  2. Still like the old green Verde Ithica better but the SVJ is mega! More power to them for going this route.
  3. Huracan has lots of room for development. It will thrive while the Gallardo will be a good opportunity for bargain hunters. Can't stand in the way of progress so bring on the Huracans!
  4. Sesto Elemento styling is over the top and that makes the older cars look rather tame. That style is the epitome of 'hot wheels' which makes other manufacturers uncomfortable...
  5. Iti

    Gus' Triple White

    Gus your 'Triple White' is a treat to see here. Nice to see some variety in the cars you collect. Too many people put all their attention in one direction. Go easy on the LP400 it's a classic to! Though they sort of look like a toy with only 14 inch wheels... Joe
  6. I would call this 4 0 8 a 'horse with no name'. There was also one painted 'fly yellow'.
  7. Thanks for the update Joe! Can you say if the silver color was original for that car? Is the value of a car hurt when it is painted a color other than the 'born with' color? Disregarding when the factory may upgrade specs on a car or change the color for a client...
  8. Ok, thanks Joe. Then can you share the details on the silver LP400? Where does it fit in the production run? As Bill Mitchell once said 'if you want to show the lines of a car, you paint it silver'. Truer words were never spoken. The silver Countach simply looks perfect. The word "pure" comes to mind...
  9. Hello Joe: is the May 1975 build your silver LP400? thanks
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