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  1. Just watched Part 1... Epic! Thanks for all of the hard work putting it all together. Keep living the dream!
  2. Ryan, awesome video thanks for sharing!
  3. RoadKing

    Custom Espada

    Abolfaz you rock! That is awesome you found it. I will post more info on the car when I get "permission". Great find - Thanks
  4. RoadKing

    Custom Espada

    Here are the other 2 pictures, looks like I screwed up the first post...
  5. RoadKing

    Custom Espada

    Met an interesting and cool individual that customized an Espada in the early 80's. Not sure if anyone has seen or knows of this car, but there's interest in buying it back if it still around. Thanks
  6. My budget is under $400k and I'm guessing I'll keep the boat 5 years, but that's just a guess... At 55 years old I don't need the fastest, coolest boat out there (think I've almost out grown that). I do want comfort, reliability, safe, performance, and dual nav, autopilot, stereo, bow thruster or joystick, weather, place for dinks/feed, some shade, AND value. New to the game so not sure what I'm missing. Thanks to all for the opinions and comments, they have been very helpful so far. Dave
  7. So I know there are a few big time power boaters in the Lambo community. I just bought a new house in the Ft. Myers Florida area and want to add a power boat to the mix. I currently sail a 42' catamaran, but want to try a little of the "go fast" boating. I've narrowed it down to 32-38' center console with 2-3 outboards, but really looking for suggestions. I'm thinking I'd like to do some poker runs, trips to the Keys, and short runs in the area. Also would prefer pre-owned over new, just to keep the costs down a bit. Any suggestions or contacts would be great. Thanks!
  8. Lamborghini Dallas also has one for $5k over sticker... http://www.lamborghinidallas.com/used/Lamb...83841d4dc53.htm
  9. Thanks to all for your responses. I know now the AC system very well now, as I went through it all in depth on Friday. I'll post better info for future reference when I have time to download the pictures I took. My friend helping me said he checked the AC fuse and it was good, so I just trusted that. Well, there is an AC control fuse for the control unit and when you find the AC clutch relay (behind panel that is located behind driver's seat) there is also an AC clutch fuse... jefflambo got it....it was the AC clutch fuse. The filter/dryer is located in the driver's side rear wheel well, above the battery, which also contains a low and high pressure switch. I'm told these fail as well, which requires the canister to replaced. Mine was good. All back together and ready to go. Thanks again, Dave
  10. AC will not come on and have started troubleshooting. - Checked AC charge and pressures and all good there - Jumped power to AC clutch and compressor kicked in - Swaped out AC clutch relay and nothing happened, tested old relay from swap location and it worked Think I have narrowed it down to a) bad suction pressure cut out switch or b} bad AC control panel. So my questions are: 1) Anyone know where the suction pressure cut out switch is (assuming there is one) 2) Any easy way to test AC control panel (and replace if bad) 3) Anything else I am missing to check? Thanks, Dave
  11. The perforated covering looks very different under different lighting conditions on the front and backside. From the outside during the day, this is what it looks like: Unfortunately during the day from the inside the logo's loose their intensity or barely can be seen at all (looks more like a light window tint). Still serves a purpose, just not as cool looking... Thanks for all the other nice comments! Dave
  12. I wanted to block out some sun and also go for an added look to the garage. Decided to add perforated window covering with the Lamborghini logo on my big window. This led to the idea of doing license plates on my smaller windows. Very happy with how they came out... Cheers, Dave
  13. RoadKing

    Need a Wing

    Sorry for the delay, finally got the Jalpa out and put some miles on her. Also took some wing pics for you...
  14. My AC on my 2008 LP640 is not working. Compressor is not coming on... Have evacuated and charged the system, have checked fuses and relays - still no power to compressor. Does anyone have service manual pages or anything else to check? Not sure if there is a low pressure switch somewhere or ? Any help would be great. Thanks!!
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