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  1. ncraigphoto

    Grand Sport in Columbus, OH

  2. ncraigphoto

    Grand Sport in Columbus, OH

  3. ncraigphoto

    5 Bugatti Veyrons

    I was in Monterey where there was supposed to be 15+ Veyrons and they brought up 3 of them (the orange, the olive green/puke yellow, and the red/black GS). Very disappointing
  4. ncraigphoto

    Best color combo ever

    The red and black Vitesse is just STUNNING! I love it, definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite color combo!
  5. ncraigphoto

    Veyron GS Vitesse "Gris Rafale"

    I agree with medici78! If somebody offered me a Veyron in the worst color I could ever think of, I would take it in a heartbeat!!
  6. ncraigphoto

    My mom saw this last week

    Awesome mom if she's spotting Veyrons! :eusa_clap: Insane find and awesome color combo!
  7. ncraigphoto

    This is why I always stuck to coke...

    Woah! Don't do drugs, kids!
  8. ncraigphoto

    Matte Wrap

    Satin is the way to go! It is a bit hard to maintain from what I've heard
  9. ncraigphoto

    Anyone like to guess the price...

    Wow! Desperate buyer, I guess.
  10. ncraigphoto

    Saw this gem on the 5 fwy

    Where on 5 was this?? Awesome find, man! Best old school Lambo out there!
  11. ncraigphoto

    Onassis Miura barn find auction

    @Basstones I agree. How could someone leave a car like that in a dusty garage for years!? But I can't wait to see pictures!
  12. ncraigphoto

    Anyone know this LM002?

    No idea, but it looks badass though. Awesome find!
  13. ncraigphoto

    Who's Coming To GRV??

    Hey, LP! I wanted to ask if there's anyone who's coming to GRV (I'm sure there is). If so, list your car below. I would love to see you there!! Hopefully it will be even better than GR4, which was a blast in Beverly Hills.
  14. Congrats on the purchase, man!! Can't wait to see some pictures! Knowing you bought a Lamborghini, I thought every option available would be $100K over the starting price. XD
  15. ncraigphoto

    Lookee what I saw...

    I heard it drives really well but it just doesn't look very exciting. Also, it looks a little bulky like the FF just not as completely horrible. I can't take the FF seriously. I saw the F12 in Pebble Beach and it looks good in Rosso Rubino.