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  1. 100% agree. Otherwise, Spotify (and Soundcloud for the underground stuff) for me.
  2. This Roadster looks like an awesome package and seems absolutely bonkers in a straight line... Well done Tesla! Plus, I can only imagine what the charging infrastructure between Tesla and other companies will be like come 2020. I'm happy to be a car guy in this era since we have access & visibility to ridiculous hypercars, modern/older classics, all while having a wide array of modifications available for all types of vehicles. Can't wait to see how the next several years pan out.
  3. The front plate bracket looks like it houses a US license plate. Nevertheless, congratulations! Looks amazing!
  4. By free market economy, I'm using the definition that it's a system where the prices of goods and services are determined by the open market without any government intervention. I figured that *any* type of regulation would be considered as intervention. By this, even something such as child labor (using as an example) would prevent it from being classified as a free market. Therefore, shifting to a free market would mean the removal of these types of laws. And yes, I agree that a purely government-ran economy wouldn't work, as shown by previously fascist countries. As for the enviro
  5. I suppose the "spirit" of a free market economy is more suitable for a need in society, in that people should have the ability to produce/sell a product/service to the market. However, you are correct in that it's no longer free with gov't intervention, but then allows for monopolies to be created, which may also hinder society's entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses exist to make a profit, and gov't exits to serve the people. As soon as intentions shift (such as gov't becoming business/profit-oriented) does this create conflicts of interest, which I think people are concerned about. Frankl
  6. Side note (regarding a free market economy) - in the case of the Rockefeller monopoly in the 1880's, would other businesses be created/people thrive if the government didn't regulate/intervene? How big do you think Rockefeller would have gotten? Would it crumble like the Roman Empire? Overall, I think free market economies contains aspects that can benefit society, but it can spiral out of control unless controlled/watched (which I suppose wouldn't make it 100% free..).
  7. That looks amazing! Side note - have there been any Aventadors in Verde Draco? I remember seeing it on the Murcielago and loving it...
  8. I'm with everyone and love this spec/engine setup/interior. Just gorgeous and brutal. If I were to make any changes, I'd add some forged carbon in the cockpit...
  9. Looks great in my opinion, but what would stop a person from simply getting their car wrapped? I read this paint costs around $40K (don't quote me) which seems absurd given wrapping also protects the paint and you can essentially change it whenever you'd like. Still.... kudos to Lambo!
  10. Saw the car at Geneva, and my god, I loved it! I thought the carbon buckets were super comfy, the forged carbon tasteful, and the stance incredibly mean. These other photos above make it look amazing as well. Bravo Lambo.
  11. From the rendering, the front looks sinister, but the back could use more aggression. I bet the hardcore version of this model will satisfy this similar to what the Huracan underwent with the Superleggera spy shots. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing this in Geneva.
  12. This looks dope! Can't wait to see it in the flesh. Also, I absolutely love forged carbon. It's so unique and is a nice change from carbon fiber weave when done in certain applications.
  13. Comments on that person's IG profile claim that's not the real shooter, and that the actual shooter's IG shows "User Not Found". Nevertheless, this is awful to hear about. My thoughts are with those affected. I was in Fort Lauderdale last week visiting family. Insane to see this happen.
  14. I love it! Definitely becoming a huge fan of modern Ferraris that have prominent straight lines in their design. This, the Enzo, 458 MM Speciale, F12 TRS...all gorgeous.
  15. Huge congrats on your acquisition! Your pics, which are stunning, look like you were on the Taconic State Parkway - if so, did you head up to Bear Mountain? I saw your vehicle at Manhattan Motorcars a while back. It's unreal in person. Hope to see it again in the near future.
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