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  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it and going for a ride
  2. It was a good turnout for Ferrari day at Supercar Sunday. But the McLaren P1 GTR that was on display stole the show. Here are some pictures. See them all in the photo galleries. Ferrari Day photo gallery McLaren P1 GTR and silver P1
  3. These were at the HRE booth during the California Festival of Speed. More pictures here: Porsche Supercars
  4. I have known Jason for a while and he has always been nice to me, but I don't agree with some of his recent videos and behavior. I hope he learns from this and changes. This was posted on the passenger's Facebook the day before the accident.
  5. The GTR sounds amazing. This is from Concorso back in 2006 (go to the 1:00 mark).
  6. It is the SCC car. Read that SCC might have sold it recently. So maybe the new owner?
  7. Saw the SCC car at Motor4Toys and did not see any fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror. Could this be another white SV that has not been seen at any show?
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