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  1. Supercar Ace

    Quail 2020

    I think events in August should be fairly safe...looks like the US is following the Italian infection curve as Italy followed China's...so the next week or so we will see a spike and then it should taper off. My guess is events in May will get cancelled but things in late June onward should be good to go. I have my tickets and lodging, but who knows, all we can do at this point is hope for the best.
  2. The Sian looks spectacular! If the Aventador replacement looks close to this, it'll be a winner. But this is proper insanity and just looks as spaceship as we'd hope to see.
  3. I have 1 ticket available and another that is 50/50, but I'll know by the end of this week.
  4. Never forget what others sacrificed for our benefit. Cheers to their memory.
  5. $650 retail, $900 "early access" for those who can't get a lottery allocation. If you need a parking pass that'll be $75 for regular and $150 for VIP parking, since the tickets only come with 1 parking pass that I'll be using myself. So if you want to get tickets at retail, let me know by Sunday.
  6. I got my invite to pickup Quail Tickets today. I only need 2 but I know there's always people here that need tickets, so message me if you are, I can pick up an extra 2.
  7. Nice! That's a great collection wings you there!
  8. A year of bacon...I'm in!
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