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  1. Very interesting about the "euro delivery" program...I'll inquire with my dealer about that, could be a fun getaway idea for next year. I can assure you air freight is an active option, I politely declined it Makes sense to go local, especially when it come to maintaining and eventually replacing the wrap...I knew I came to the right spot! I'll be looking into XPEL a lot more over the next month or so, the car's not due till spring '22 so I have some time.
  2. I thought there was? But in any case the air delivery for $20k was definitely not an option I wanted to go with
  3. I thought about Euro delivery but then knowing me I'd want to bring whoever I choose as my installer with me so they can wrap it right on the assembly line
  4. Awesome, good to know. My next logical question was to be which clear-bra tech to go with...I definitely drive all my cars properly so glad to hear that XPEL works well. Definetly will be looking into 10mm, the paint costs too much not to go with the best of the best
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to ring them up! I'll definitely let them know you sent me
  6. I knew I cam to the right place! Now for a local clear bra installer recommendation and we're in business...
  7. That's a great way to think on it...Thanks for the break down!
  8. Has anyone gotten the factory clear bra installed directly from Lamborghini? Do they do a decent job, or would it be better to go through a local shop?
  9. Supercar Ace

    Quail 2020

    I think events in August should be fairly safe...looks like the US is following the Italian infection curve as Italy followed China's...so the next week or so we will see a spike and then it should taper off. My guess is events in May will get cancelled but things in late June onward should be good to go. I have my tickets and lodging, but who knows, all we can do at this point is hope for the best.
  10. The Sian looks spectacular! If the Aventador replacement looks close to this, it'll be a winner. But this is proper insanity and just looks as spaceship as we'd hope to see.
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