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  1. Supercar Ace

    Stan Lee Won't Be Saving The Day...

    The man behind Marvel died today at 95.
  2. Supercar Ace

    I can't park this thing anywhere...

    That's f*cuking EPIC!
  3. Supercar Ace

    Thank You Debbie Foreman & Lambo Rancho Mirage

    Debbie does some awesome stuff
  4. Supercar Ace

    Recession coming?

    That's some really interesting stuff... It's also interesting to with the massive construction in luxury apartments...seems like everyday in LA they are breaking ground on a new complex or existing ones are undergoing some major renovations. I'd be curious to see the impact on those during a market correction as well.
  5. Just when you didn't think Italian production numbers where fuzzy enough...
  6. Supercar Ace

    Recession coming?

    You're spot on the market is certainly in a very weird place right now. The real question is how big will the dip be and how long will it last? For that I'd let the experts like Roman chime in,
  7. Supercar Ace

    Recession coming?

    I've seen a lot of folks do that. As they used to say in the 80's, "Cash is King." I agree with you there. Seller have gotten over their fear and are fully trying to exploit their greed. To come out ahead it takes some static timing, but the market are totally nuts right now. It's like everyone's trying to get rid of what they have but they think they can command an out outrageous price...that holding greed is going to come to serious head when the market corrects and enough buyer wait out the sellers. The slowdown in Chinese and Middle Eastern money pouring in has started the slide, as those money source created an artificial bubble effect because that money didn't care about anything except for getting out of it's home country.
  8. Supercar Ace

    Recession coming?

    I agree that there's an eminent market correction rapidly approaching. I don't think it'll hit as hard as 2008, but again it'll be another sharp and if you have cash on hand like at the end of 08-09 the world is yours at a hugely discounted price.
  9. Supercar Ace

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