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  1. The Sian looks spectacular! If the Aventador replacement looks close to this, it'll be a winner. But this is proper insanity and just looks as spaceship as we'd hope to see.
  2. I have 1 ticket available and another that is 50/50, but I'll know by the end of this week.
  3. Never forget what others sacrificed for our benefit. Cheers to their memory.
  4. $650 retail, $900 "early access" for those who can't get a lottery allocation. If you need a parking pass that'll be $75 for regular and $150 for VIP parking, since the tickets only come with 1 parking pass that I'll be using myself. So if you want to get tickets at retail, let me know by Sunday.
  5. I got my invite to pickup Quail Tickets today. I only need 2 but I know there's always people here that need tickets, so message me if you are, I can pick up an extra 2.
  6. Nice! That's a great collection wings you there!
  7. A year of bacon...I'm in!
  8. More like a face-lifted Performante badged as the LP610 evolution...much like the Gen 1 Gallardo Superleggera and the Gallardo LP560. The Perfmante Evo will be pretty dope to see. I still think the classic Hurcan and the Peformante look a lot better, the front on the evo has some remnants of the face-lifted Audi R8 in it.
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