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  1. kmr

    Look what finally got here!

    fcuking sick man congrats!! Great combo....
  2. kmr

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Bad ass on both cars... congrats. 2 open tops must make it difficult to pick one.
  3. kmr

    Talk to me about Defenders!

    H1 Alpha all the way.... would click a lot of boxes on your list that a Defender would.
  4. kmr

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    I think I a small lip spoiler like that would compliment the front lip spoiler. Kinda even it out per say.
  5. kmr

    The Performante encounter...

    Sounds like a nice Superman combo... congrats cant wait to see it.
  6. kmr

    Car lifts again..

    I have an Eagle Equipment 2 Post lift here at my office and it has been flawless.
  7. kmr

    DBS Superleggera

    fcuking love that car.... so nasty.
  8. kmr

    Mercedes G 4x4 squared

    My only complaint on the G63 I had were the side pipes. My daughter about burnt her leg on them getting in and out. Hope they change that on the new one.
  9. kmr

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Nasty Bill. Nice job. What is the interior?
  10. kmr

    The Performante encounter...

    Looking great Fortis!! What interior did your brother go with?
  11. kmr

    Murcie Value

    I would say more in the 170s but I haven't shopped that market a ton lately.
  12. kmr

    Diablo repairs

    Awesome write up man. Thanks for taking the time.... keep us posted on everything.
  13. kmr

    Lord have Murci

    Living the dream man.... fcuk... congrats.
  14. This is mind boggling how stupid this seems..... to each their own I guess.
  15. kmr

    SV wheels on a base model

    Looks great. Little negative camber maybe or is that the angle?