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  1. kmr

    600LT Versus others....?

    737Drvr thank you for taking the time to reply and write that all up. I am leaning towards the 600LT as its something different than the Gallardo and LP570 I have had. Heading to Charlotte next month to go test out all the seat options for the 600LT and drive a 720S as well. Will go from there.....
  2. kmr

    600LT Versus others....?

    Everything I have seen essentially lets you hedge the risk of the value of the car down the road. Obviously this depends on open end or close end leases. A lot of the companies have no fees for early termination and miles are not really a concern as most dont last 4 years and just retail the car out of the lease. You can spec what you want car wise.
  3. kmr

    600LT Versus others....?

    Damn it Porter I dont need these comments! Thanks
  4. kmr

    600LT Versus others....?

    Damn thanks for the insight and information. Crazy how they depreciate. I am seeing like ~$30k off new sticker. Was thinking of going used however new ones are looking more and more attractive.
  5. kmr

    600LT Versus others....?

    Brit where were you seeing leases for $2500? That seems like a steal! Hear ya guys on the Performante. Just something about the looks, doors etc I love about the Mac..... Hmmm
  6. Awesome car man congrats! Any chance you drove a 600LT as well? Contemplating getting into the McLaren game. What do you mean by finicky at times? Congrats and thanks
  7. So the McLaren 600LT has caught my eye. But how do they compare to other cars? Huracan Performante, 488 what other direct "exotic" competitors? Worried about taking a bath with the typical McLaren depreciation. Thoughts?
  8. Kevin is correct on this.... rolling diameters must be very close to each other.
  9. Gotta think that will cause to the brakes to overheat...
  10. Turbogallardo probably already bought it ha.....
  11. Badass man great collection! Lmk if you need me to fly out and help you get them all together.
  12. Having been to Iceland and driving "ring road" this would be amazing. How do you get that invite damn it..... Only thing that would worry me is the lack of gas stations and running out of gas in the middle of no where and I mean NO WHERE.
  13. Damn having owned an R8 in the past this thing looks sick!! Love it and excellent work as always.
  14. fcuk that...… god that's disturbing.
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