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  1. Yes, my two middle teeth and two to the left were pretty much destroyed as that was the point of impact. Care to answer my question hidden in that post?
  2. I tried to message you a while ago and you quickly pointed me to my local dental professional. I understand why you did this, but I guess I finally have my shot to ask you. I was working on a motorcycle and had a smaller 520 chain decide to become a set of braces. It hit the gums of my upper jaw and did some serious damage. Unfortunately I had to wait a good amount of time to have my cosmetic operation because it was inflamed and infected and the surgeon wanted me to pound antibiotics. Well, like Jpegs said, I love to smile and I couldn't bring myself to it. I had cracked broken teeth and felt like a damn meth head. I finally went in and I ended up getting 10 teeth replaced with crowns. My question to you at the time was whether you would go with individual crowns or a solid upper piece? In the end I went with the solid tray because A)I don't have to floss those teeth anymore (fcuking A it is great) and my surgeon said that it would have more draw when they were made and thus create tension on the posts to keep them in place. Also, I can give you first hand knowledge that his assessment that oral surgeons do well. My operation lasted about 7 hours, and only had a total of 4 visits (surgery, placement, and two check ups) and it cost me around $28K. Best
  3. First time I've seen the Hublot Big Wang.
  4. Z when are you planning on going? I can probably get you some from friends that have seasoners in larger quantities.
  5. Unfortunately for him, when you're exposed to high levels of CO (like any other gas) olfactory fatigue takes effect in seconds. Driving your favorite car, smell exhaust, think nothing of it and wake up in a tree. He's even luckier the car did not remaining running and kill him. I deal with this on a daily basis and trust me people die from this every day in mere minutes. Car looks easily rebuilt, hope someone brings her back.
  6. Excuse me, but this is a car forum and that is clearly a Lexus GS300. Now do 30 push ups and apologize to Porter in a PM with a picture of you holding a french loaf. Best
  7. Correct I worked for NGC, and they are a great company. They recently got out of ship building all together. To be honest the only reason they even bought into it was for the electronics sector, but had to take it all or nothing. They are back to the money maker now which is their avionics and unmanned contracts. Best
  8. Stupid people will literally make all attempts to join a crowd of sheeple and make the "facts" fit their needs. Look at this retard. Boxing Olympian Calls Zimmerman Verdict ‘Slap In The Face,’ Will No Longer Rep U.S. Flag Gausha, who is 25 years old, added that the Zimmerman verdict changed the way he sees this country, “When I represented my country in the Olympics, I was proud to wear my flag. I even wore it on my head on the way to the ring. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face.” While Gausha will reportedly not be eligible for the 2016 Olympic team because he went pro, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in repping a “nation with so much racism and hatred.”
  9. Subs are amazing. I helped build a few and I can tell you these things are built unbelievably capable. They can take a direct hit and still function as normal due to compartmentalization, the same used in vessels to keep subsurface punctures from meaning certain death. The newer NGC Virginia class nuclear subs are an engineering miracle. They can go about 30 knots, stay submerged literally until the 100+ staff runs out of food and have a core that can probably run 40+years. What's not love about these things? Best
  10. Seriously, what are the local LEO doing? Video and written evidence of reckless driving, speeding, crossing a double yellow line, and plenty of inspection/emissions violations. How has he not been arrested yet? This guy is what we in our industry term a cancer. He is of no legitimate benefit to the car community and furthers the stereotype of people with fast/modified cars as being reckless and self centered with no care for human life. I know 20 people who loved cars that died in unfortunate wrecks that I would trade this twat for. Just know if, or better when, he kills a person(s) the evidence he has provided on social media will grant him a life sentence. Best
  11. Kevin and car owner, please explain to me or give me one good reason guys running events like this and speeds like this don't have a cage in their car? I just can't understand it. Every time you go have that speed your life is on the line. Eitherway, please be safe and keep kicking ass. Best PS - If there is one my apologies, but would still like to know in a general sense.
  12. No that's not correct. (Fact 1) It is not illegal for you (Zimmerman) to follow someone if you think they are up to no good. The neighborhood had some break ins and he was patrolling his neighborhood. If someone is following you and you don't like it leave. Walk/run home, get in your car whatever. If he had nothing to hide, or nothing to be worried about his 6'4" bad ass would have just kept walking on his way. However, that's not the case based on the evidence. (Fact 2) Just because someone is following you, no matter the reason, you can not start a fight with them and in this case mount them and start a ground and pound session. Zimmerman was not outside of the law in following him, no matter how much you don't like it or say its racial. Once Trayvon started the physical altercation he opened himself up to being a victim of self defense. These points are based on the law, not your feelings about a 17 y/o being killed. Personal opinion on this serves nothing more than to divert the course of justice. I don't think this kid was a choir boy, and I don't think anyone caused his death more than he did. If you confront someone you should always know someone dying could be a result. Punches to the head, especially punches that land and send a skull into the concrete/ground, can kill you all the same. Happens all the time. Google the 21 y/o that got into a fight at a bar and killed a guy with one seemingly standard punch to the head. He's in prison for life. You roll the dice, you pay the price. End of story. Sad someone lost their life, but if you don't respect your own life strangers will not either. Best
  13. If the verdict comes in the last thing I would do is be out late at night or in a large crown with alcohol. I don't think there will me massive riots or violence, but there will be some with a not guilty. The bad seeds will be out in full force. Best, and be safe. You too, RD. Both places you are going can be dangerous on any day, much less now.
  14. I'd be surprised if after the trial no one on the prosecution or the judge doesn't lose their bench. Defense has so many outlets in appellate that I'm pretty sure he will be getting off. I also believe the burden of proof has not been met, and reasonable doubt was established on the first day of the trial. I wonder if FL will try to hush the indictment/decision of the warrant pusher/forger. She really fucked herself on that one. We were going to head down to Boca this weekend, and drop in and surprise a friend is WPB, but I think the house can wait a week or two. Don't even want to deal with it. The ignorance of people on social media threatening to riot is mind blowing. I wish LEO would go after them for terroristic threats like they did to the gaming kid in Texas. Best
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