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  1. Haven't been around for a hot minute but I had to drop in to say.....WAY TO GO! I know this has been a dream for over 8 years!
  2. Dang! That is super hot. Nice job!
  3. Same. Also like GunBuyer.com out of FL and Lanbo's Armory out of wherever. Good prices and service!
  4. Wheels. This is the best thing you have ever posted. 100% serious. Well done.
  5. Solid. You are going to love them and want one for every gun you own. I think I paid around 450 for my Mini-4 and the two 56-SD cans were right around 500 a pop. I guess I am an AAC fanboy but their cans have always treated me well and I've never heard of anyone having an issue that they didn't take care of. All but two of my cans are from them so when I saw the sale on the M4-2000 I was ready to jump. I need a 45 can for my FNX now...
  6. Picked up an FN FNX-45 Tactical in FDE. Used off a buddy and it comes with a vortex RMR. One of these days I'm going to have to cruise through the US and pick up my stash from my dealer.
  7. Thanks. I've been building the lefty son a righty AR. He will figure it out.
  8. Nice. I am up to almost a dozen cans at this point. I was about to add 3 more this week. KYGun was running a blow out and were dumping AAC M4-2000 at 250 a pop. MSRP is 800. Unfortunately the email came while I was sleeping and they were sold out when I woke up.
  9. Binance is closed. Coinbase I was able to register for but my VPN had dropped and it thinks I am in the UAE. Won't accept my passport so I am currently SOL. Still enjoying reading the updates. Maybe one day I'll get in and drop some small coin on a few cryptos.
  10. That was quite a big story over here in the UAE! In other news they are going to let ladies start driving... https://www.thenational.ae/world/saudi-arab...rivers-1.661907
  11. Had some friends fly in from the states! Plus we made good friends with our cameraman. Even even let us take a turn working the controls and listening to the radio chatter! Awesome dude from Isle of Man. Family affair! (EDIT THE FRIGGIN PHOTO WON'T UPLOAD) Great views and who doesn't love a slow low flyover by a superjumbo (A380 this time).
  12. #Ballers. Whole weekend from Thursday Pit Walk through Sunday After Race Concert!
  13. I had 3 friends come in last year for the race and it was a blast. I've also met up with docta on a Visit out here. Fellippe also visited but I wasn't able to meet up due to work. I did hook him up with a pretty sweet tour though!
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