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  1. At 0:14 into the video what is the car with the gull wings......the car behind the white Jalpa?
  2. Someone mentioned $250. I paid $39 for a complete brand new slave cylinder for my 1998 Diablo Roadster from the local dealersdhip. It made no sense to rebuild the old.
  3. Tony, enjoyed meeting you 2 weeks ago at Celebration Exotic Car weekend and glad you brought out your cars. You are a pro at what you do !!
  4. I think I heard the last transaction of this " rare prototype FI " car was $105,000. So it's jumping more than 3-fold. How this guy thinks he bought a $320,000 for $105,000 makes no sense to anyone.
  5. Yes, car sat 3 months since the last start. Where are those alarm related fuel valves located?? I did cycle the alarm several times each time to see if anything changed.
  6. Battery good, ignition good but car will not start. I spray ether into both banks......car fires up but dies. So I know ignition is good. In the starting sequence I think I used to hear the fuel pump(s) pressurize and the car start right up. I do not hear that any longer. So the gas is not getting to the engine. Found Fuel Pump relay.....seems to click. Yet don't hear the fuel pumps kicking in. Any ideas where to look, what to check next ??
  7. Wonderful pictures !!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting them !!!!!!!!! Beautiful work of art !!!!!!!!!
  8. I just jizzed my pants !!!!
  9. BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!! Valentino Balboni has been consulted and Valentino has stated that this car got no special engine treatment as the seller has stated and this car never had the "S" badge when it left the factory. Anyone can say anything when he is selling a car but to try to get top dollar on claims that cannot be proven is just wrong. Had these claims been true this would have been one very special car. Now the way I look at it I would say a top price should be more around $125,000.00 for having been the last car of the run and for having the one off color.......not $215,000.00.
  10. He has a 2001 Diablo 6.0, a very special LP640 that stickered at $420,000.00 because of a bunch of upgrades that did not come on a regular LP640. He just got rid of his Gallardo Spider. He just added a Jalpa. And Allan Fiedler, if you are reading this......we met your uncle in Northbrook, IL selling his red Jalpa. Unfortunately the NJ Jalpa was a better deal.
  11. I bet the car will be relisted with all the "S" bullshit recanted and a new more reasonable Buy It Now price.
  12. Okay, there is all this talk about the car going to Germany !!!!! My friend here in Chicago who already has 3 Lamborghinis in his collection is the high bidder of $189,000 and yes he is German too !!!!!! So I am thinking that his eBay registration may show Germany as he has not been here long. I doubt that there would have been 2 Germans and both bidding $189,000 at the getgo and both being accepted. The sale has not been completed because the seller has made claims that he cannot prove. The "S" designation may be all BS as there is nothing in writing from anyone that the "S" came on that car. There is nothing in writing that it had any engine modifications. If the seller cannot prove these points....then we are just dealing with another 88 1/2 with a pretty color. Is it worth $189,000 ?? I do not think so. I wish all 1988 1/2s were up there now. I have one that rolled off the assembly line just a few cars prior to this one.
  13. Wrong !!! The fact that there is NO factory paperwork to back the claim on the "S" story is what is holding back the Chicago sale. The $189,000 offer agreed upon IS from Chicago. The seller has not produced copies of documents to back up his claim.
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