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  1. Have you tried knocking the starter with a rubber mallet?
  2. Chipster - I recently completed the Brembo upgrade on my '91, I was able to buy the entire kit much less than the advertised price. I bought my kit through MVP Motorsports. I was impressed with the quality and overall fitment. The new brakes bring car down from speed very nicely. Bleeding the system was cake, no show stoppers (pardon the pun!) on this install. A quick pic of the rear: If you have any questions let me know.
  3. Wow...absolutely amazing! I bet that was a sight going down the road.
  4. Some pics from Houston Supercar Saturday.
  5. "Yes" the e-brake caliper has to be split apart and the Brembo kit comes with spacers to insert between the two (2) halves and longer bolts. My calipers were a 1/16" still too tight with the new pads on the thicker rotor, so I made shims out of aluminum flat stock and it worked perfectly, once the pads wear a bit, I can remove these home made shims. I also adjusted the the tension on the e-brake cables and have a really positive feel at the handle, where as it was a bit sloppy (loose) before. The Brembo brake upgrade is expensive by the time you throw in 18" wheels and tires but certainl
  6. On the back side of the parking brake caliper there are 5 Allen head bolts that have to be removed (I recommend removing the calipers from the car by disconnecting it from the parking brake cable threaded rod). Once the 5 Allen head bolts are removed the aluminum cover can also be removed (careful not to damage the sealing gasket) and there you will come across a white plastic cap that is the cover for ratcheting mechanism for the caliper. Remove this white cap, should pop off easily and then put a flat edge into the winder and turn it back counter clockwise. Hope this helps. Y
  7. Hi Gang - I have almost completed the Brembo big brake upgrade on my '91, and I have a question. How do you go about winding / turning back the piston on the e-brake caliper? The new Brembo rotors are much thicker than stock throw in the additional thickness of the new pads and the caliper just does not fit. I am so close to finishing this project!!! I can snap a few pics to help visualize. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I can't say I agree... Dated electronics and interior similar to lesser E-Class models...not true, hardly a tarted up E-Class, take a look at the brakes and the suspension difference between the AMG and the V6 models and you will see where the price differences will start to add up let alone the engine, seats etc etc...
  9. How does the RS7 compare to the CLS63 "S" AWD
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