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  1. CCIE

    Diablo Car Hauler

    What would be the size and type of car hauler that you all would recommend to haul a 1991 Diablo Would a 6.5 ft wide by 16 long work for open hauler Would 8.5 x 20 work for a enclosed hauler? Please advise... All reply's are greatly appreciated CCIE
  2. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    My Flux capacitor is a Noco device but I dont like the way I have the pigtail set up (in the fender-wells) I would love to see pic of the way you have it. There has to be a better "Cleaner" way, rather then in the wheel well where the connector get slobbered with mud and water and gets corroded over time. I dont feel like going "back to the future" to procure and install another "Flux Capacitor" again Please post pic...... CCIE
  3. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    So what type of battery maintainer uhmmm Flux capacitor did you install in your beast?
  4. CCIE

    91 Diablo not going into reverse gear

    Chipster.... Thank you for responding... There is nothing wrong with the reverse gear or transmission (THANK GOD). I totally forgot about the Lamborghini's crude reverse lockout system for the shifter..... lol.... the shim on the gated plate. The issue I have is that I am unable to push the stick down to clear the reverse lockout shim, I thought the spring is broken but I am unable to pull up on the shifter as well so not sure what is broken in the shifter box, I need to figure out how to get inside the shifter box, from what I have read I need to pull it down from under the car. There has to be a better way from inside the cabin. Thanks CCIE
  5. Hi All, My 91 Diablo won't go into reverse gear. I am unable to push the shifter stick down or make it slide into the reverse gear but all other gears work fine, it seems something is blocking the shifter stick to glide into reverse gear on the shift gate only (As in the shifter stick slides easily in 1-5 gear in the shift gate and they work fine at least 1-3rd gear I tried while driving). Any suggestion to what could be causing this issue and what can be done to resolve this is much appreciated Thanks Josh
  6. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    Space Heater? Come on tell us already!!!
  7. CCIE

    Diablo coupe door removal

    Need Help Looking for best and safest method to remove the Driver side Diablo coupe door Any suggestions is greatly appreciated Thanks CCIE
  8. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    I suspect it could also be for a aftermarket Air condition unit
  9. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    You Sillieeee!!!! That's the pluggg thingieee for the seat heaters
  10. CCIE

    Guys WTF is this?

    Battery Tender...... I bet
  11. CCIE

    Diablo Roadster power window

    I second what NightLife stated..... Below is a write up for it.... Hope this resolves your issue. This helped me CCIE
  12. CCIE

    Diablo Dash Lights

    Frank................ Those are just standard VDO gauges and you can buy the bulbs almost any auto parts store. You might also consider changing the standard bulbs with LED. They are dirt cheap from China
  13. CCIE

    Cosmic Girl

    Cosmic Girl.... Cosmic Price.... They had to remove the windshield for that video!!! Wonder if its the same windshield or a new one... Wonder how I can get my Diablo in a music video!!!!
  14. CCIE

    Spark plug reccomendations 1998 Diablo Roadster

    I second that!!! Time is awesome and will assist though he does get busy.... Also Steve at Driven Exotics
  15. Check your Window Control module, make sure it hooked up and working Check your relay for windows I will see if I can find and post the diagram (no promises though) Good Luck