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  1. Follow up to my other topic regarding a 99 Roadster I am looking at... What's a fair and responsible price? The recent market combined with limited supply, makes things a bit tricky. I see some dealers asking very high prices and cars are sitting for months and months. Difficult to tell the 'true' selling prices, but I have come across some recent auctions to suggest the price should be around $230k for a sub 20k mile example. Am I way off???
  2. Good point on the price. What's a fair price for a low mile Roadster? $230k?
  3. Frank, thanks for the offer! I may take you up on it. Waiting to receive service receipts and docs.
  4. Thinking about jumping back into a 99 Roadster. Anyone have any knowledge about this car? http://m.ebay.com/itm/272632165611?_mwBanner=1
  5. I know the guy who had the heffner supercharged Diablo. It made an estimates 600-650hp at the crank (but no one ever shared the dyno numbers which seems a little fishy). I believe there was no computer tuning/tweaking and the car made only 6lbs boost. In addition, centrifugal superchargers don't work too well on the Diablo. You don't see significant increases until you are very in the high rpms. Diablos have a lack of torque/power in the mid range, which is why the platinum supercharged cars switched to the eaton style units. Wonder why a Mercedes SL65amg weighs sooo much but yet is blazing
  6. Did your light just stay on or did it flash? All the time or some of the time? How did they fix it?
  7. Could the sound you heard at startup been a belt by chance? Did you pop off the the cover and inspect the belt? You can access the starter by removing a little cover (3 screws) on the driver side rear part of the car and could easily test it to make sure it is working. You can purchase a remote starter at Kragen's or Pep Boys for about $20 and try it out. This would certainly determine if the starter is a culprit. Good luck! BTW- did you purchase an extended warranty with your car. When it comes to exotics, I always think it is a no-brainer to get an extended warranty. I purchased
  8. Try something easy....what is the condition and age of the battery. Sometimes a very low charge on the battery causes the electronics to not receive enough charge at idle and the alternator can't make up the difference. If you are still using the stock battery, and you need a reason to upgrade, this is it. Go purchase an Optima red top batter ($120), and you will have a leak proof solution far superior to the stock battery.
  9. I need someone to measure the diameter of the 2 Alpine speakers in the doors. Need some help asap. Thanks!
  10. Before I spent the money on the NGK iridiums I would order one first and compare it to the stock Champion plug. I believe the NGK is a colder heat range and is shorter, thus pulling the plug back out of the chamber. I think they will work, but I wouldn't be surprised if you lost some performance. I may be wrong, but I don't think it is a direct replacement. Keep us posted on what you find out. Thx.
  11. Hey...where did you get the carbon fiber surrounds for the lights in the rear and the center console area? Are those stock on an SV or aftermarket? I want 'em! Inquiring minds want to know...
  12. The setup was done by Platinum. After some additional tuning this car will be a monster. The eaton superchargers are none for making great torque down low, and having an extremely flat torque curve. This is why the car is already seeing about 120ft/lbs tq more than a stock car even at 3000rpms. It is a millenium roadster so the wing comes in unpainted carbon fiber. I was thinking about painting it, but then it would lose the stock millenium roadster look. I can't wait to tweak the tuning, modify the exahust, and bring it back to the dyno. I am feeling pretty good about this car making
  13. I know a little about the car. It had some work done by a non-dealer repair facility. I think it wasn't done properly and had oil leaks. The oil leaks caught fire while driving. It was my understanding that the supercharger system had nothing to do with the fire. It was a dual supercharger system.
  14. Hey....that's my new baby!!! I assume you took the pics at SP-Eng. before I had it dyno'd. Those are great pics. Are they high resolution? Until the car arrives at home I was hoping to show my wife some pictures. Thanks! -Wayne
  15. I can get you one for about $4000k, maybe a few hundred less. It is the real thing, purchased from Lamborghini and specific to the roadster. This is a couple thousand less than what it would cost you to get one from Lamborghini. If you are interested, let me know!
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