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  1. They should stick to nukes and kabobs.
  2. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    Blue beast?! PFFFT!
  3. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    2015 drophead, had an 07 phantom before that.
  4. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    I'm not sure how to reconcile this. They're getting more and more expensive but the quality seems to be headed in the wrong way. Very plasticy inside, no way I would trade my car for one of these, especially not with a sticker hovering around $600k.
  5. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    Yes sir. The car is super impressive but it's not as nice as I thought it was going to be. It feels smaller inside than the old phantom and it feels more like a ghost inside than a phantom in terms of fit and finish.
  6. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    Where are the pics of that gay ass blue Bentley?
  7. abolfaz

    Fcuking loaner!

    For once I don’t mind the loaner while my car is in for service!
  8. Thank god! Great work Dave!
  9. abolfaz

    I’m back mother fuckers.

    FU Erik
  10. abolfaz

    Look what finally got here!

  11. abolfaz

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Where are the photos of that gay ass blue car you got?
  12. abolfaz

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Well done!
  13. abolfaz

    Talk to me about Defenders!

    Friend spent $150K+ on arkonik defender. Loud, rough riding, shitty AC for back seats etc. Awful, simply awful. He sold it after 1600 miles. Looked great though!