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  1. I saw the car parked in front of the owners house back in '04 and took these pics. The car just sat there like a lawn ornament. Never moved. What a shame.
  2. I like everything about the car except the gallardo looking nose. The interior is fantastic.
  3. So it's like a stripped down pricegrabber?
  4. Looks great Sameer. Nothing better than a freshly detailed car except for getting it dirty in the first place
  5. Real sorry to hear about this. RIP Peter.
  6. That white one has been for sale for a loooooooooooong time.
  7. Same here. I still have HAL too.
  8. Yeah I knew that. I was being facetious Saw the pre-open spread and knew what was happening.
  9. LamboJay


    I bought a cover for my diablo from california car cover www.calcarcover.com Very happy with it. Well made and fits like a glove. They also have covers for the c/t
  10. And the reason HAL dropped this morning is???
  11. Any good winder is programmable. Normaly via a series of dip switches on the back that allow you to set the duty cycle. IE how long to run and how long to wait before the next winding cycle. This way you can tailor the winder to your specific watch to ensure it is not over wound.
  12. 2 funds I have owned for quite some time now are SGENX and FCNTX. Both have done very well. UMBIX is looking good! May have to get into that one. Research needed.
  13. Yeah! I'm finally in the black with HAL
  14. Not to criticize but you should of made that decision before you opened a position. Always do your homework on a company and have an entry and exit strategy planned out before opening a new position.
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