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  1. I saw the car parked in front of the owners house back in '04 and took these pics. The car just sat there like a lawn ornament. Never moved. What a shame.
  2. I like everything about the car except the gallardo looking nose. The interior is fantastic.
  3. So it's like a stripped down pricegrabber?
  4. Looks great Sameer. Nothing better than a freshly detailed car except for getting it dirty in the first place
  5. Real sorry to hear about this. RIP Peter.
  6. That white one has been for sale for a loooooooooooong time.
  7. I bought a cover for my diablo from california car cover www.calcarcover.com Very happy with it. Well made and fits like a glove. They also have covers for the c/t
  8. Any good winder is programmable. Normaly via a series of dip switches on the back that allow you to set the duty cycle. IE how long to run and how long to wait before the next winding cycle. This way you can tailor the winder to your specific watch to ensure it is not over wound.
  9. That would be a waste of time. Your posts in this thread are nothing but one line argumentative quips. You have provided no logical thoughts on which to have a discussion.
  10. That's not about to stop, lol, it's just going to be in a different section. If anything, I suspect it will actually increase once Allan's move is final lol...Man you think you've seen things from the pics, lets just say I have seen WAY more of Allan's body than I should have in an entire LIFETIME in just the past month. WAY MORE. :vom: Yes. Nothing wrong with that stuff. I just think it should all be in off-topic. I used Allan as an example but he is not the only one who posts everything in General. Maxpain: As Mako said, You just don't get it. Read what I wrote slowly and understand before spouting off.
  11. Here is my take on the whole thing… 1. Non-Owners I have no problem with non-owners or enthusiasts. I was one myself at one point. HOWEVER… There is a big difference between non-owners asking intelligent questions and somebody who has never owned jack shit offering advice to a current owner. A good example was Allan asking if he should sell the SV and buy a Gallardo. Mako asked that only owners respond but that didn't stop the kids from posting nonsense like 'don't sell the Diablo, it's my favorite car'. We're glad you like the Diablo so much but what the hell does that have to do with the discussion? That thread should have been all about the real world pluses and minuses of owning each and that's all. 2. Replica non-sense I don't give a damn about replicas. More power to you if have one or that's what you want. It's your choice. But we sure as hell do not need to see a posting about every p.o.s. that pops up on eBay. Again these seem to be hot topics for the kids. 'Hey, I can fit in if I post a thread tearing some kit apart'. Enough already. 3. Childish nonsense There is a lot of this on the site. A good example. The video that was posted titled 'rob lay' that was actually a clip of someone screwing a cow. WTF?? It's not funny, not called for and just fucked up! Why it was moved to the video section is beyond me. It should have been deleted immediately. These kinds of things do a lot of damage to the site. 4. Misuse of the 'General Lambo' section This has become a vast dumping ground for all kinds of things. Take Allan's (sorry to pick on you) posts about the parties in LA. None of that stuff is Lambo related. It should all be in off-topic. I would like to see the moderators taking a more active role in filtering and sorting the posts. Let's set clear guidelines of what belongs where and post accordingly. And Don't bitch if your post gets moved. It's a post, it's not the end of the world if a mod thinks it belongs somewhere else. Get over it. In fact I would say that a mod is doing you a favor by moving it. It's not as if it gets moved and there is no record of it. Phpbb sucks but it will tell you a thread was moved. 5. Threads get off topic I've seen this many times. Someone posts a thread, asking a good logical question and by the end of the thread it's way off topic with inside, personal jokes, etc that an outsider would have no idea wtf anyone is talking about. Nothing wrong with kidding around with each other. We're all friends but there is a time & place for everything and not every thread has to be about jokes. That's a lot of criticism so I'd like to close with some things that I see are being done right. 1. Friendships have been formed Many members have gotten together to meet in person and to drive their cars together. This is what it's all about to me. Enough said. 1. Got rid of NWS. Yes, I know it was popular but it had to go. It did not attract lambo owners to the site. Instead you had people signing up just to read that section. That does nothing to bolster the site's credibility and sure doesn't encourage any women to become active members of the board. 2. Getting new sponsors The guys have done a good job of getting new sponsors for the site. LamboBH is a good start at getting dealer support. The addition of the watch dealers and section is good in that the site is catering to more aspects owners are interested in. Jay
  12. Agreed. Those don't look all that good. Plus my car is not a 6.0 Since we're taling about mats though... Who has mats shaped like these where the mat extends to cover the area between the seat and the door? I've seen them on in a couple of cars but don't know who made them.
  13. Interior is looking awesome Greg. Great work. I don't know if you guys took my mouse hair coment seriously or not. Velour comes in a wide range of styles. Mouse hair is the name of the style Lambo, ferrari and other automakers used to cover dashes. Wheather it was made from mice or not... You decide :mrgreen: Edit: I tried googeling mouse hair velour and didn't come up with much except this add for a ferrari that mentions it. http://www.motorcities.com/contents/05GJN5...N552919387.html
  14. Not sure what your looking for as far as info. You seem to know what it is. For tech specs and history of the car look here http://www.lambocars.com/cou/lp400s.htm
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