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  1. This is the second time I called BS on one of these so-called "millionaire stories" before the actual truth was revealed. http://www.thefastlaneforum.com/community/...tlane-lol.57039 The first of course, was our friendly Russian Immigrant Anton who made millions clipping coupons, buying duplexes, investing in dividend stocks, and making $28K/year in the armed forces.
  2. The dealer's name is "Driving Emotions" which says it all. They deal with emotional buyers. And emotional buyers always pay too much.
  3. The real gravity of the situation probably won't be known until after November 4th. I'm sure the administration is pulling every string (Duh, Klein) to keep things quarantined (no pun intended) before election day. IMO, it seems eerily quiet. If it's all quiet after elections, then I'd say we're out of the woods.... for now.
  4. Nurse Nina Pham has been downgraded from Good to Fair. Their reason? Can't say... Privacy laws. Great to see that the political playbook is still calling the shots. http://news.yahoo.com/us-ebola-nurse-nina-...-155851746.html
  5. I'm at the point now where I believe that nothing matters any longer when it comes to government incompetence, unconstitutionality, and scandal. They could have multiple sources with POTUS on film wielding a dull-bladed hacksaw slaughtering puppies, children, and grandmas. The MSM would trivialize it, marginalize it, and justify it. The majority would turn a blind eye and scream racist. Everything has an excuse. Every failure is dismissed and passed along. And meanwhile, the majority has become nothing but a bunch of useful idiots who's only concern is what Kim Kardashians' ass looks li
  6. The folks at central casting should win an Academy Award. First Lerner, now this POS.
  7. Wow. Read before the cache expires. BB.com had already deleted the thread. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/sear...php?t=161988053
  8. Another product of the Participation Trophy generation. These kids think they're rock-stars by simply existing. And with FB, YouTube, Instagram, etc, it allows them to perpetuate their illusions of grandiosity. Take a look at his FB. All FN selfies. When the real world doesn't comply or acknowledge their self-delusions, 7 people die.
  9. No kidding. I remember watching the SRT unveil live ... No let down on this one.
  10. phxdiablo

    Car show

    I sold my Murci last summer and I swore it would be the last exotic I would own. You have perfectly exemplified the "why" behind it. After years of ownership, the dream, the achievement, the freedom, and everything positive that these cars represented for me has become tarnished; destroyed by a society overrun with disrespectful morons, douche-bags, and haters who have been brainwashed to believe that they are poor because of someone elses' success. I used to *love* driving these cars but after about 5 years, things started to change. Every fucktard wants to race.
  11. As their name implies "driving emotions", it would seem they're hoping someone will forgo logic and intelligence and buy on "emotions" and pay a premium price. Seems to be their business model, hence the name. I'm sure there are plenty of emotional buyers out there who would look at the car and say "I gotta have it" regardless of price. And yes, absolutely FN gorgeous car ... both the blue and the red.
  12. A real great documentary to watch is Vietnam in HD -- I think it is 5 hours long and takes you through the entire war, nearly battle by battle. It is also narrated by "Dexter" ( Michael C Hall) so the deathly feel is even worse than it already is. It was really an eye-opening look into a time when I was just a year or so old.
  13. If I'd guess, it sounds like a prank and perhaps the boyfriend of "julia" hacked into the sorority mailing list-- I cannot believe a female wrote something like that as what girl(s) do you know call other girls "you fcuking faggots". The letter is riddled with masculine verbiage ... "cock block" "boner" "faggots" etc.
  14. Ah, that's the *fact* that I figured would be false (or manufactured) to make it look like some of conspiracy. Why on earth would people make stuff up and invent facts to create their own story over such a tragedy is beyond me.
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