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    New Ride

    I think the box and clutch is by far the very best in the industry! I have driven them all to make the comparison.
  2. I just wish they would just try to rule the American muscle platform instead of trying to compete with Ferraris and other exotics. Its a Chevy. I own 3 old vettes and I love them but its an apples and oranges comparison.

    New Ride

    Thank you. I drove an Aventador first and the Huracan second, same day at the dealer 3 years ago and chose the Huracan for multiple reasons. Price was not one of them. Owned a bunch of doors up Lambos so that is not such a big thing for me anymore either. Super gearbox and clutch. Aventador needs it.

    New Ride

    Not sure. I will ask VF engineering where the number is on the base setup. Lambo Dallas did the install on mine. Massive torque right on the crack of throttle movement.

    New Ride

    Thanks! I had a new stock one a few years ago and this one is fairly violent power in a good way. It hits the rev limiter too fast in manual shift so its best to just let it shift itself. Highly recommend this setup. The dealers are installing them now so its safe I guess.

    New Ride

    VF engineering supercharger. Around 825hp.
  7. Lamborghini owners you mean? I have been amazed at some of the people I have run across in 20 years of ownership. It's certainly made me pull away from here and any other sites. Goes for Ferrari's as well. Money does not buy class, that's for sure. It's a good lesson in life though.
  8. Taylor was a good friend and a brilliant young guy. I have been on those roads with him pulling 2000+ horsepower and he was a damn good driver. Not sure why this happened at night. Such a great guy and sweet family. Stand up move by UGR. I will always be the biggest fan of the Dallas Performance TT Lambos.
  9. Congrats David to admin. Did you get a raise with the promotion?

    Murcie Value

    18k is not low mileage and Monterey Blue is special only to Monterrey blue lovers. I have owned 3 of them and the resale made very little difference for the color. 10 years old, 18k miles is around 190-210k I would guess. Call your local dealer and see what they would pay and add 25-35k. That is your retail value or close.
  11. Just FYI, use blue loctite only and green if its a fine thread. If you use red, it will take a torch to get it off. Matter of fact I think it even says so on the tube.
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