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  1. Yes was also a place for non Lambo ower trolls to hang out unfortunately.
  2. Wow, what has happened to Lambo-Power? I was a member under a different name when the site first started. Came with Allan from the Lambo Chat Site I think. This place was crazy cool for many years. Its like a deserted town now.
  3. Anyone ever try this? I am getting a little too wide in the butt to sit comfortably. Those seats are fairly tight on anyone. The carbon seats are an upgrade and look awesome but I would trade for the comfort seats if I could. Any suggestions?
  4. I have installed a few that remove the rear cats and connect to the main large convertors at the engine and have no muffler in between to the rear exhaust tips.
  5. My apology's Kevin. I would have never known you did not own one because your input was great. I was mainly referring to troll types that really just wanted to be tough guys behind a user name with no real input. They had no interest in helping the site and improving it. You are just the opposite. Always enjoyed your posts.
  6. The mods always did a good job but it really doesn't matter. Looking behind us serves no purpose. Looking ahead can create new ideas. I honestly think the good days are behind us like we enjoyed. Times have changed. The site shutting down so long changed the direction. Many members went to other sites as VCR said. That was the biggest change.
  7. I agree with the first sentence but the second one had nothing to do with the site going South. Just my opinion. In the beginning days of Lambo Power this was the best place 10 times over. As time went on more screwball members started joining and tried to win a popularity contest by posting 30 times a hour and didn't even own a Lambo. Trolls. The decline of it being an awesome site started there. They thought they owned it when in fact they ruined it. Some really good early members bailed out. The new site format seems to be the final nail in the coffin. The best times are behind us now just like the USA economy is. That is what is too bad. Lamborghini itself is about to end the good times with a promise of hibrids only coming out. The SVJ roadster is the last of the real V12 cars. They will end up being 2 million dollars as they are already 1million bucks.
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