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  1. Up for sale is the front trunk/carpeted interior tub from a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. It is damaged but can be easily repaired. These trunks retail for between $2500-5000 from Lamborghini depending on the PN#. Includes the carpeted battery inspection door (PN# 400863439B) as pictured, which is an additional $265 from Lamborghini. It's a genuine OEM factory Lamborghini part. I believe that the PN# for this frunk is 400863362AS and that it should fit the Gallardo, LP550, LP560 and LP570. It should be cross-compatible with PN#'s 400863362, 400863362AH, 400863362AF, 400863362P, 400863362BA and many others. Asking $595 or best offer. I'm located in Southern California and I can be reached at 760-453-0852.
  2. Sorry, I didn't know that threads per each item were frowned upon. I have a few more items to list, and will post the next ones into a single thread.
  3. Up for sale is the factory OEM indoor car cover from my old 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. I put this on once to see what it looked like, and never used it again - so it's essentially "brand new". I'm unsure of the exact part number, but this is the hard-to-find cover that has the large white "Superleggera" printing on the sides. Asking $350 or best offer. I'm located in Southern California and I can be reached at 760-453-0852.
  4. Up for sale is the factory OEM catalytic converters from my old 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. I removed these cats when the vehicle had approximately 2,000 miles, and they have been stored in my garage ever since. They are PN# 07L251355 & 07L251356. Asking $1,595 or best offer. I'm located in Southern California and I can be reached at 760-453-0852.
  5. Up for sale is the factory OEM exhaust from my old 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. I removed it when the vehicle had approximately 2,000 miles, and has been stored in my garage ever since. It's PN# 400251052B, which is specific to the 2008 Superleggera (completely different exhaust than the standard Gallardo - i.e. 400251052/400251052A). Fitted with the factory vacuum valves. Asking $2500 or best offer. I'm located in Southern California and I can be reached at 760-453-0852.
  6. I used a Moroso Coilover Wrench (PN #62030) to lower my Superleggera: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-62030/ Two quick tips: Try to find a NON-ADJUSTABLE wrench. This particular wrench I bought was adjustable, so it made it a pain in the ass. Second, I would recommend to buy two wrenches. I lowered mine with one wrench, but having two would have surely made it a whole lot easier so that I could hold the top of the front shocks with one wrench while turning the ring with the other wrench to prevent the rubber lift system boot from twisting. I hope this made sense, I lowered it quite some time ago so the details are foggy.. Drive it from NJ to California here and I'll be happy to help you.. bring some shorts, it'll be 80* here tomorrow. -R
  7. I love how stable your camera is! Is the GoPro HeroHD the same camera as the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO? Also, one other question - do you have it mounted on the rear window with the included suction-cup mount? If so, is your rear window tinted or non-tinted? Thanks!
  8. In my opinion, skip the stripe if it's not a Superleggera..
  9. RandysWay

    Nice idea

    The black louvers remind me of this:
  10. I experienced the same thing about 4-5 months ago - she went from idle to 3k-4k rpm for around 4-5 seconds. I was told that it was caused by the throttle bodies, although I forget what the more technical reason was. I have never had an issue since so I've never pursued it.. I also have an '08 Superleggera, by the way. -R
  11. I'd show you a picture of the clear bra that's been on my Superleggera for two years, but... well, you can't see it in the picture. -R
  12. How about getting the exhaust tips coated with a black header coating? It should significantly reduce the surface temperatures of the tips thus significantly lower the surface temperatures of the carbon fiber diffuser directly underneath it. I don't recall any yellowing with my Superleggera, but I'll check and report back.. -R
  13. Hello, I want to tint my '08 Gallardo Superleggera with either carbon/ceramic window tint, but an issue has arisen and I'm being told that the window tint on the three plastic rear windows will bubble within 1 to 1.5 years, and you can't remove it since you can't scrape the window tint off with a razor blade due the plastic windows. I've seen countless Superleggera's here with the windows all around tinted - can anyone please give me any input? It was showing 112*F today going down the freeway, it's time to tint this beast! I appreciate any input! Thank you, - Randy
  14. Thank you for your replies, everybody! I went out and bought a cheap OBDII code reader that's compatible with the Gallardo interface and the codes that came up were all exhaust related, so I'm assuming that it was due to my valve disconnect - pretty odd that it happened to trip a CEL 3,500 miles after I disconnected it! I guess it was just her time of the month. I have cleared everything out and all is well so far. I'll keep everyone posted! -R
  15. The Superleggera in the teaser video/DVD is mine.. -R
  16. I believe the noise when opening the driver door is the E-Gear system, from what I've read on here in the past. The lift system is standard in MY05+. If no buttons are engaged, it's.... "normal", for a lack of a better word. It's not in automatic mode (I haven't even tried my automatic mode..), it's not in sport mode and it's not in the rain/snow mode - it's just in the normal E-Gear mode, which you'll have to shift using the paddles. In my opinion, I think the easiest way to think of the E-Gear system is a clutchless six speed, with paddles instead of a shifter. If you're on a flat surface sitting at a red light in first gear, it won't move until you accelerate - it doesn't creep forward at a low speed when you immediately remove your foot from the brake like a true automatic will. It will, however, automatically shift into neutral after a few seconds if you're at a dead stop without your foot on the pedals. The engine fires aren't common but there's a few cases if you search the boards.. from what I've read on the boards here, it seems to usually happen when your fuel tank gets overfilled if the nozzle doesn't automatically shut off and keeps pumping fuel, thus dumping fuel on the hot engine.. somebody correct me if I'm wrong here, please! Rule of thumb, for me anyway, stay next to the car when fueling up.. I don't have folding mirrors, a coming home/garage door function or a tool/fuse kit in my '08 Superleggera.. I love paying more for less -R
  17. Is the 1-5 and 6-10 CEL the normal CEL for Gallardo exhaust mods? My '08 Superleggera tripped a 1-5 and 6-10 CEL a few weeks ago when on a cruise. I can turn the engine off/on a few times (3-5 times) which makes it go away, but comes back 20-30 miles later. I disconnected the vacuum tube to disable the Prius-like exhaust valves about 3 months ago so I'm wondering if it's related to this, but it's interesting that it would happen now while cruising and not months ago when I first did it, considering I've driven it over 3500+ miles since disconnecting the vacuum tube, including various hard driving and nearing 200 MPH multiple times down a runway without issues, which you think would have tripped a CEL. So, is the 1-5 and 6-10 CEL anything to worry about, or is it the normal code that's set when a CEL is tripped for exhaust-related mods? There are no other CEL's other than 1-5 & 6-10, and the CHECK button on the dash comes back with everything "OK". Also, as previously said, it's going away when the engine is restarted a few times, but comes back on 20-30 miles later - is it possible that a code is set and it's not clearing the code out when the CEL goes out, thus the reason why it keeps tripping it? Any insight would be appreciated... I'm still learning the ins and outs of this car. Thanks, - Randy
  18. Do you have any audio clips? With or without cats? -R
  19. I treat mine like a manual and lift off completely, unless I'm hard on the go pedal then I just keep her to the floor and take advantage of the quick shifts. Lifting off also gives IMMENSELY smoother shifts. I've seen posts where it's been said that lifting off will NOT give you extended clutch life and I've seen posts where it's been said that it WILL give you extended clutch life. After viewing some threads ("Post your mileage and your clutch wear!"), the highest mileage vehicles with the lowest amount of clutch wear all seems to have lifted off the throttle while shifting, and have always done a spirited takeoff from a dead stop, rather than babying it up to speed. I've been doing this since I got mine, so time will tell.. -R
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