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  1. AMEN to that Brother ... my philosophy exactly!! A very special breed of car and owner!
  2. sulley


    Awesome vids man, great to see you out enjoying it ... makes me wanna get out there and have a spin and load up the cameras too. Good to see Kelly in there too enjoying it, my wife Jen is not exactly a fan, and wouldn't come on anything other than a short coffee run. Leaves the pax seat open for guests though, which can be handy! :D In bloody Oz now, everyone is too scared to take video of anything anymore, cops are using any videos against people to fine them and take out their licences, even if they weren't there to witness it.
  3. yeah ... being a 6.0 owner and having driven at speed in the australian outback ... and having overtaken a 1997 Diablo at 295kph ... I can confidently say the 6.0 is hugely fast!!! I doubt another diablo is faster. The only one that might be due to it's lightness and gearing is the 1996 old SV (e.g. andecorps blue SV) - but even then, he's gonna be topping out at 185mph, while I'm still piling on the ks. The 6.0 really is the quintessential end of era ... perfectly built (except that bloody clutch rod) ... and the best part is the completely timeless design. Parked next to a Countach, Murci and Aventador ... each of the others clearly belongs to an era ... but the 6.0 doesn't - even at 17 years old it looks modern. I'm biased ... I love mine. In the video ... do you guys have to turn your shifter to get reverse ... that's just weird ... mine presses down into the box and up to the dash to engage reverse. There were a couple of other things in the video that made me wonder ... Think I might have to do one ... Heading to the Northern Territory in a couple of weeks ... I'll probably create some kind of live video of the whole trip. Will be mad!
  4. I'm finding this one a bit interesting ... we're extremely limited in Australia in terms of options ... BUT at huge extortionate costs. So the Pirelli PZero Corsa ... approx AUD$910 ... so that's $1800 for the rears alone!! Then the front's are about $700 each ... so all up ... AUD$3200 for a full set of Corsa tyres. The issue I have is when I go out to the desert ... the Rosso is not rated to a high enough speed. It starts to overheat and partially delaminate. It's apparently only rated to 300kph ... but in the desert we can easily do 15 to 20 runs in excess of 325kph ... continuously. So ... I'm investigating options. I currently have Corsa Direzionale on the front and Rosso on the rear. I think the rear is less of an issue I have a 6.0 ... so the tyre rolling radii need to match. I'm interested in the R888 ... but there is no front option. I love the PS2 except the price ... but there is no rear option. We have the option of Kuhmo for the fronts here ... they're well respected and have a great reputation incl. (Y) rated in excess of 300kph ... but no rear option. What have others done? I'm thinking of I get the rolling radii to match, why not mix front and rear? Surely it's better than crappy old Pirelli that just won't take the speed of car at full tilt? Thoughts ... Cheers Andre
  5. Mine in Australia ... originally AU delivered, right hand drive in Grigio Antares exterior black interior ... now wrapped in Aurora Orange. VIN LA12538 Would be great to Confirm how many were actually made in RHD and how many survive today ... last I heard was 27, but can't help feeling it's probably more like 50.
  6. Hi Guys I've replaced a couple of these before, but had my 3rd failure recently. Decided it was time to go the whole hog and put in the Custer Rod ... I also had a friend who works in the racing world make me a high tensile forged steel piston rod Anyway, I'm putting it back in the car tomorrow, and wanted some advice on adjustment. Does the position of the piston in the rod make any difference to the biting point on the clutch? I want the biting point higher than it was ... and I was trying to mentally work out do I have the piston sticking out further, or less ... to get the bite higher or lower? Then I confused myself ... so thought I'd ask my learned friends on here? Cheers Andre
  7. sulley

    6.0 Brakes

    Yes, I had found the Girodiscs and they were US$1500 for a front set and US$1200 for a rear set. My issue is shipping will be ridiculous on those. Anyone coming to Australia for a holiday soon and want to bring a set of rotors over??
  8. I have the same issue, burning up the vinyl wrap on the exhaust when doing high speeds and the tips cook. Any engineering specs, sizes, CAD files (dwg) etc. would be most welcome and I can get a local shop in Aus to make one. Thanks Andre
  9. Yeah ... it's just by the time I've done the exchange rate (USD - AUD) and then shipping (another AUD$500) ... it's not such a good deal anymore ... in fact it's quite painful. Hence it annoys me to have to dispose of a perfectly good Brembo hat 'cos they aren't supplying rotor rings.
  10. sulley

    6.0 Brakes

    So David from Zackhausen says these don't fit our proprietary hats ... I don't get how hard this is ... something about the bolt holes on the StopTech are oval to allow for expansion ... but he said on the rotor rings ... so if the hats have the same bolt holes and are circular - surely they will fit? What I'm trying to work out is if everyone is on a con-job trying to get us to buy their systems, or if Brembo genuinely made a specific one-off design for the discs (rotors and hats) that's so unique nothing else fits and they don't supply the rotor rings at reasonable cost either. Sounds too stupid to me ... I've discovered DBA do this size ... I might just take off a disc and go to a DBA supplier and try one ... T3 5000 in 355mm x 32mm ... something about a 50.2mm depth ... I think that's the hat depth maybe? Am in the only one using my car hard enough to require new brakes ... ???
  11. Good to know thx And guys ... GiroDisc vs StopTech? Or is the the same thing pretty much? I note GiroDisc don't do drilled only slotted? Any reason ... whereas StopTech do all.
  12. sulley

    6.0 Brakes

    Also just found these .... https://www.zeckhausen.com/Brembo/Consumables.htm Also come in a nice 355x32 Brembo replacement rotor rings at $335 each. Much much much more reasonable. Anyone know or have used these guys. So there do seem to be some options after all...
  13. So the story goes I need new rotors on my 6.0. However, I don't fancy throwing away good hats and paying squillions for a whole new set ... shipped to Aus it comes out excessively expensive. So the original Brembo brakes (4 pot with 355x32 discs) are two piece and were obviously made in two pieces for a reason to replace the rotors independent of the hat. So I've been looking a while ... and came across these ... http://www.girodisc.com/Girodisc-355mm-x-3...ing_p_6580.html Simple question ... has anyone actually tried a Girodisc on their Brembo hat? I don't want to ship them all the way here and find out they don't fit. I've already asked in the Diablo forum ... but everyone seems obsessed with upgrading to the 380mm big kit ... which I'm not interested in doing. I want to keep the original wheels and brakes. Your thoughts appreciate gents!
  14. sulley

    6.0 Brakes

    OK ... so I've been doing some more digging ... I now am getting close to absolutely needing my new rotors. http://www.girodisc.com/Girodisc-355mm-x-3...ing_p_6580.html Apparently Girodisc make a perfect replacement rotor ring to fit a 355mm x 32mm brembo/stoptech hat. Has anyone tried these on the standard brembo hats? It all sounds ideal and exactly what I was looking for ... ?? Anyone?? Can anyone from Girodisc confirm or deny?
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