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  1. RM-S8

    A Real tragedy

    I never thought about it from this angle. But, whatever tickles your fancy. Enjoy. Yeah, got the decency part and respect too, but let's face it. She was some piece of ass, and she is dead and she left some kids behind. Got it. But ... so did Grace Kelly, Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor or, let say Sophia Loren. All of them are ... dead, and what a pieces of asses they were. Don't tell me the obvious thoughts behind (above mentioned) you never had. Judging somebody is such a double edge sword. So, kindly, get off your high horse and ...
  2. RM-S8

    Those Russians

    Hmmm... This vs this
  3. RM-S8

    A Real tragedy

    ...the hypocrisy is rampant lately.
  4. RM-S8

    A Real tragedy

    I like toofdoc's stance that because his higher "paid for" education trumps boner's so common "chiro" practice Power to you both. Rest assure that when I need a dentist I will not mistake one for a chiropractor. And vice versa. Both are held in my highest respect. Buttt... Gentlemen, can we stop bickering and concentrate on a lovely piece of ass which just perished?
  5. Great vid! Where are your kids? (if I may ask?)
  6. RM-S8

    A Real tragedy

  7. What? What parallels are you talking about.
  8. RM-S8

    Top Gear

    Can I mod your post?
  9. https://www.facebook.com/deejay.dexterous/v...=message_bubble I'm going straight to hell.
  10. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ferraris-...ome_latest_news
  11. Oh well, do NOT rush with your decision. It's like buying the house, either you love it at the first sight, or pass it along.
  12. Lol, that's exactly what I meant. Regardless, except P1, nothing stands a chance.
  13. Agreed. I always say, especially in New York, it doesn't matter how good you are. You need to know ... If you don't, you gonna end up ...
  14. Howwwly crap! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which one do I choose
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