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    Boxologist, Ex Racer, Fast Stuff Always, Businessman, Car Nut, Motorcycle Nut, Just a NUT in general. Proud home of Justin Bieber & Jim Carrey ;-) www.speeddemons.com

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  1. Not a chance I bought it new from my friends at Lamborghini Newport Beach non valved is why she’s a straight pipe basically no baffles either. I’ve owned 2 of these they are amazing and found great! I don’t buy knock offs including my underwear.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123805563939 Bid on this LNB made by Lamborghini Newport Beach. NO RESERVE!!!
  3. I think worldwide there are more and more Lambo dealers out there and hence the Urus. Good question re the US maybe they are not the #1 Lambo country in the World many counties sell Lambos and those have $$$$$$$$ even if they pay 2 X the value of the car for Taxes etc. Crazy stuff.
  4. YOU ARE CORRECT My uncle in England took me for a ride in a Muria 67 when I was a kid (12) a Verde Scandal (they called that color something else then) brown leather was a dream ever since, took me long enough but I did it!! I have had a few Lambos I'm old 64 look like it, but I'm aggressive and like these like no one else, I have had tines pipes and now I put on the Balboni Titanium system on $35,000 US but the SVJ one coming out is 8 pounds only and looks amazing they tell me. I frikken love my SV and its loud but tuned perfectly. I'm in the USA with it all the time mainly Calif San Diego area but Canada is where I'm from. COLD! I also have an LNB Pipe for sale SV , cheap if you know an SV owner. it's at Lamborghini Newport Beach One hell of a light system, blows fire and extremely loud. At my age, I even hear it clearly LOL. For shits see http://www.speeddemons.com Hobby site with some of my things etc.
  5. Congrats on your new SVJ when it comes in BTW. I myself am inside looking out. But I am not (yet) anyway getting an SVJ its not as appealing to me as my SV so I canceled mine. I can appreciate it for sure but if you are driving it you must like it. The engineering re ALA etc is kool but I rarely will utilize that. Are you getting a 63 as well? ;-)
  6. I've got an extra LNB SV Exhaust for sale cheap weighs hardly anything ran it for 5,000 miles till I bought the Balboni System. Sounds insane no baffles no engine lights. Its currently at Lamborghini Newport Beach it's their exhaust they get made in LA I just ceramic coated it black. CHEAP I'll take a reasonable offer I'm asking a measly $5,000 but open to offers. PM me if interested. Yes, it's LOUD! But why not?
  7. Hey Bryan, great job fulfilling your dream congrats you 2 are the most interesting Lambo people IMO! I try but nowhere near your accomplishments. After all those miles I'm sure interested as a mechanical guy. What experiences have you had re glitches on your SV etc? I could share a few myself as you know mine is not close to stock and such. But runs like a champ!! People on this board would love to hear your experiences that way I'm sure. You are the Lambo champ the factory should have you as their test people.
  8. https://youtu.be/TIfgng_lcPg https://youtu.be/tEhKCsJo_9w https://youtu.be/dmyevhJeFqo
  9. More vid links to this car. https://youtu.be/TIfgng_lcPg https://youtu.be/tEhKCsJo_9w https://youtu.be/dmyevhJeFqo
  10. https://youtu.be/TIfgng_lcPg https://youtu.be/tEhKCsJo_9w https://youtu.be/dmyevhJeFqo
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ2ItWTcEbk
  12. Right you are Griza. I hate butchering the car as this package works so well. But if I were sensible I guess I would remove Balboni. Thanks for the VP compliments. Its one hell of a car that I can assure you. I'm so torn from thinking about this or the upcoming SVJ I look at it and wonder so many and not sure I like the Duel Pips and their sound. Plus all the winglets etc. I get that they make sense for Nurburgring but at 64 not sure I will take it there anyway. LOL, I'll find some more vids etc.
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