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  1. rnl113

    Vip member

    Is the click here to be a free VIP member a scam?
  2. I agree on verde scandal being the best green and blu nethuns is an amazing color. My 2 favorite colors also it may be hard to get blu nethuns as I know that the owner of the blue aventador ordered a sv in nethuns.
  3. If that is the car the Veneno looks great
  4. yes here is an SV IN MANTIS for sale at Prestige Imports. http://www.lamborghinimiami.com/web/used/L...orida/28251700/
  5. rnl113

    Blu Nethuns SV

    Wow that is beautiful or shall I say Blutiful
  6. And then most likely an SV roadster. Damn they have a good system
  7. Out of curiosity did you purchase it from Avant Garde Motorsports?
  8. Apparently the next car is going to be a red SV.
  9. One for sale at cnc motors in Ontario. It's blue nenthus and only 596k
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