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  1. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    What was involved to remove the manifold? Is the left side harder to remove than the right side? The left side seems to be more crowded.
  2. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Remove starter. It will slide through between the heat shield and the engine. It will just barely fit through. Installation is the reverse order. However, prep work must be done on the starter to help you get the top nut threaded in easier. Tip: Glue the washer to the starter for the top nut. Tape the 17mm nut to the socket. leaving it protruding out 1/4" to make easier contact with the stud to thread in. Mark the starter with tape and a straight line to aid in alignment of the top nut and stud. The other cheater bars is for leverage when removing the oil line. My car was not on the lift so I did not have much leverage. The copper cheater bar is for tightening. It is soft enough to deform instead of overtightening the nut.
  3. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    THIS IS THE TRICKIEST PART!!! The top nut is 17mm and NOT 19mm and you can't see it. -Remove the 17mm top nut that holds the starter with 3/8" drive with 2 connected extensions and a 12-point 17mm socket Tips: -Use camera to look at top nut by looping it through the front top left of the starter -Use inspection mirror and flashlight to look at top nut from the rear top of the starter -Use wooden dowel as a guide so you can recognize the correct nut and distance when viewing it in the camera -Use 3/8 drive and 12 point socket to have more wiggle room. It is very tight in there - Use cheater bar over ratchet because ratchet is too short to put your hand on it inside the cavity
  4. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Loosen the 19mm bottom nut that holds the starter with open end wrench. This is a captive nut so you cannot remove it all the way. You have to loosen it first and then loosen the top nut. As you slowly move the starter backward, you can unthread the bottom nut all the way out.
  5. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    -Remove the 2 wires to the starter, 13mm and flat head screw
  6. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    -Remove the oil lines clamp. It holds the 2 oil lines together. Remember to use a sharpie to mark its orientation to the 2 hoses. -Disconnect the oil line that runs lengthwise to the car. It's connected to the oil cooler. 36mm open end wrench with cheater bar on the oil line and 36mm wrench to hold the fitting to the pan -Disconnect the same oil line from the oil cooler. 36mm with cheater bar on the line and 33mm on the oil cooler side. This fitting is right underneath the batter tray. -Pivot the oil line out of the way so you can access the starter.
  7. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    -Release parking brake, undo barrel nut which tensions the parking brake cable, disconnect the cable -Slide parking brake cable over the pulley underneath the starter
  8. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    -Remove rear left fender liner -Drain all engine oil as if doing an oil change -Remove battery
  9. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    Remove triangle access panel by oil drain plug for the dry sump tank
  10. LW Lambo

    DIY Starter Replacement

    I recently changed my starter. It is possible to do with the engine in without cutting or damaging anything although it was difficult. Having been through the exercise, I know the tricks now to make it easier. Here is the process: -List of tools: 2 36mm open end wrench, 33mm open end wrench, endoscope, small wooden dowel, 19mm open end wrench, short 17mm 12 point socket 3/8" drive, 3/8" drive ratchet, several different length 3/8" extensions, inspection mirror, cheater iron pipe 12" long that can fit over the 19mm wrench, cheater iron pipe 18" long that can fit over the 36mm wrench, cheater copper pipe 12" long that can fit over the ratchet and 36mm wrench.
  11. LW Lambo

    Cross reference parts guide

    Further update, this cross reference alternator is also correct for the 6.2 Murci. To be exact, the alternator cross references with a 2000 VW Euro Van 2.8L with AC. It's a perfect fit with the correct output. Just about any auto parts store would be able to get one. I recommend the stores that will give you lifetime warranty.
  12. LW Lambo

    Toyo R888R

    Another interesting thing about the R888R is that they are not unidirectional.
  13. LW Lambo

    Air con not working

    Do you know how much refrigerant they put in? Was it the correct amount? I think your car uses 850 grams, but I will have to double check.
  14. LW Lambo

    Major Service at Pancho's Speed Shop

    Nice work, fun project! Thank you for the write-up.
  15. LW Lambo

    Fluid Leak . How Can I identify the Fluid ?

    Going by color only to determine the type of fluid is not a good method because different manufacturers can use different colors for the same fluid. Pressure check the coolant system per Stimpy's advice. Also, go underneath the car and trace upward where your puddle came from.