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  1. There's a few places Tesla is ahead: Mobile app Phone as key Infotainment Price/performance Autopilot Integrated dashcam But Porsche does a lot of things better than Tesla: Interior fit and finish Drivetrain/suspension Wind/road noise Consistency - The Taycan is designed to behave the same (in terms of throttle response, regen, braking) cold and hot, low charge and full charge. Virtually no performance degradation when doing several launches/pushing the car High speed acceleration (i.e. flooring it from 70-80 mph) While the infotainment is better in the Tesla, Porsche does give you more performance info like G meter, front/rear drive distribution, battery temp and suspension info etc. A lot of this is available in the Tesla with third party tools though Seats with ventilation Hifi (Burmester) Looks and sound, but this is obviously subjective
  2. The power is so stable here there's no need really. PS, I'm stuck on the wrong theme here on the forum, can't change it. Could you reset my theme choice? :)
  3. About $10 a month for the cars! Yes, electricity is that cheap here.
  4. So I finally got the car back from getting wrapped, and have been out on a few drives. It's a Turbo S with basically all options ticked, one of the first delivered here! First impression, the car is scary fast! Might seem obvious if you know the numbers (0-60mph in 2.6, 2.4 with rollout), but the way the power is delivered instantaneously feels unreal. The handling for such a heavy car is also top notch, Porsche has done a very good job hiding the weight with tech. I'll write some more when I get a few more miles on it :) Here are some pics of the car and one of my electric collection.
  5. Drove it straight to get wrapped, I'll post some pics and impressions when I get it back :D
  6. My guess is good combination of Ambien, red wine and Twitter...
  7. I can't speak for what the Lambopower guys have done, but this (IPS Community Suite) is an off the shelf solution. The tricky part is migrating the old forum to a new version, especially when it's probably over a decade old.
  8. Top right menu -> Activity -> Unread Content
  9. I don't know if you're going to make a theme of your own from scratch or base it on a pre-made one, but I would recommend checking out TAMAN's themes. They're really well made and customizable, and the creator is very supportive.
  10. You should have asked me for help I have quite a lot of experience with IPS running on a dedicated server, so if you have any specific issues I'd be happy to help if it's up my alley. Seems you got the most crucial part done though, happy to see it's migrated successfully!
  11. Tesla uses a static value to convert kw/h to range so it's a direct indicator of how much energy is available. It's actually a lot more convenient than cars that constantly change the estimated range based on the current consumption. You can see estimated range based on the last 10/25/50 km in the Tesla as well, but this is not the range indicated in the dashboard.
  12. I think Audi around here is good, Porsche too. And they're both about 5 minutes away from me, Tesla is an hour away. The guys working at Tesla around here do a decent job, but they are severely stifled by the organization. Common parts like door handles takes 3-4 months to get, they are overloaded with a huge backlog due to capacity issues, and in all this a lot of customers are receiving little to no feedback on their issue. I always get a loaner when needed, and they fix critical issues on drop ins though. Still I've heard of people driving 4-5 hours to a service appointment only to get there and hear they don't actually have time to even start working on the car.
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