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  1. My guess is good combination of Ambien, red wine and Twitter...
  2. I can't speak for what the Lambopower guys have done, but this (IPS Community Suite) is an off the shelf solution. The tricky part is migrating the old forum to a new version, especially when it's probably over a decade old.
  3. Top right menu -> Activity -> Unread Content
  4. Top right -> "Unread Content" link
  5. I don't know if you're going to make a theme of your own from scratch or base it on a pre-made one, but I would recommend checking out TAMAN's themes. They're really well made and customizable, and the creator is very supportive.
  6. You should have asked me for help I have quite a lot of experience with IPS running on a dedicated server, so if you have any specific issues I'd be happy to help if it's up my alley. Seems you got the most crucial part done though, happy to see it's migrated successfully!
  7. Tesla uses a static value to convert kw/h to range so it's a direct indicator of how much energy is available. It's actually a lot more convenient than cars that constantly change the estimated range based on the current consumption. You can see estimated range based on the last 10/25/50 km in the Tesla as well, but this is not the range indicated in the dashboard.
  8. I think Audi around here is good, Porsche too. And they're both about 5 minutes away from me, Tesla is an hour away. The guys working at Tesla around here do a decent job, but they are severely stifled by the organization. Common parts like door handles takes 3-4 months to get, they are overloaded with a huge backlog due to capacity issues, and in all this a lot of customers are receiving little to no feedback on their issue. I always get a loaner when needed, and they fix critical issues on drop ins though. Still I've heard of people driving 4-5 hours to a service appointment only to get there and hear they don't actually have time to even start working on the car.
  9. Cake was commenting battery life, probably indicating the battery degrades faster? Range is a completely different thing, and is obviously shorter in cold climates. The available energy goes down a little, on my car it's around 395 km in the summer and 385 in the winter at 90% charge. Basically nothing. The energy consumption goes up a lot, 10-15% shorter range is about right. On a car with a range like the Tesla this isn't a big deal imo. On a car with a smaller battery you can lose up to 40-50% however because they use about the same amount of energy for heat etc, and this is a huge part of their energy available. But in the long run cold weather has a positive effect on battery lifespan.
  10. Yes, I'm on my second Model S The main reason I think I'll end up with the Audi instead of a Model 3 or S is that Tesla's service capacity here is already maxed out. If I book service now I will probably get it January... A lot of people have their cars at Tesla for months waiting to be fixed. Luckily I have never had any major issues the five years and over 150,000 km driven, but if something should happen I'm afraid to think about the waiting time. And this is with only Model S and X in the market, when Model 3 is released I wouldn't be surprised if you have to wait 6 to 10 months for a service appointment. The Porsche I'm getting either way!
  11. "Stories" like this is what ruins the facts. Cold weather is a lot better for batteries than hot weather. You lose a small insignificant amount of energy in cold weather (1-2%), but the batteries lasts a lot longer. Fortis, you seem to compare Tesla to Apple a lot. A LOT. "They think they're the new Apple"? No, they don't think that. People compare them to Apple, that's a completely different thing. What did they invent? If you want to look at their patents, look here. Is a patent an invention? Not necessarily, but aside from that they made the first car that's updated continuously through the cloud, the first car with a usable "autopilot", the first electric car that have a usable range for most people, the first car with an integrated web browser, the first supercharger network that covers all of USA and western Europe, the first mass produced electric car that puts just about any other car in the dust from 0-60mph, and a lot of other "firsts" that aren't necessarily inventions but that actually works. The tech existed? It can be replicated by anyone? Well... what did Apple invent? What tech? Was it so revolutionary noone could replicate it? No, they mostly buy tech from other companies and put it in a nice package. Do you think Apple invented the smartphone? Tablets? Rounded icons? No, they were all around long before Apple made it work with other companies tech. The tech for making electric cars have existed for over 100 years, but noone have done it properly until Tesla did it. This was actually Elon Musks goal for Tesla, proving that electric cars are viable so other manufacturers would step up. They made all their patents available to everyone a few years ago. Tesla do have issues, especially in their quality consistency and (at least where I am) service center capacity. I'm on the list for both the Model 3, Audi eTron and Porsche Taycan, and will most likely end up with the Audi and the Porsche. But if it weren't for Tesla they (Porsche and Audi) wouldn't be making high end electric cars now, that's for sure.
  12. Seriously? Did they hire The Onion to make the poll? https://action.donaldjtrump.com/inaugural-y...-approval-poll/
  13. Exactly, that's why a 60 mbit connection is more expensive than a 20 mbit connection. And yes, the internet is working fine now and has been for decades. No need to change anything to give the ISP's the power to act like an authoritarian government.
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