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  1. i have a few sets i have compiled over the years, let me konw if you are interested in a set.
  2. I had Steve @ Driven Exotics do my entire interior. Mine was in fact totally shot, my diablo has almost 100km miles, and the prior owner used it as a daily driver and used the car very well. I removed all 90 pieces, drove them down to Gilroy, and reinstalled them myself. Full interior, all leather pieces, including carpet, but my headliner and wheel were both fine. You can see the details on other Lamborghini enthusiast site, but here is my summary: First, Steve is just a great guy to work with. He not only runs a great shop, but he is a nice guy, fair and very helpful. As I had never done an interior, let alone something as complex as a Diablo, he was on-call to help me through he tough spots. I literally called or emailed him over 100 times with questions as I was pulling and reinstalling the interior, and he was not only immediately responsive (usually returning my call within 1 hour), but also very patient. For instance, I would ask how one piece or another, he would tell me to look at all the old leather pieces (which he marked and returned to me with each piece). His attention to detail is unreal. He selected the hides from various samples, had the leather thinned to the right thickness, had all the taps/dies for the headrest embossing, and the Daytona seat patterns. In addition to the stitching, a real tough spot was stretching the leather around the intricate curves and bends of the interior (the pod, the big dash part, etc.). Another example is the bib under the raised dash, or the treatment of the defrost offset, the odd leg contours in the seat bottoms, the cross stitched exterior closures on the oh-sh(t bar, the door card stitching - all were reproduced perfectly. And when I mean perfectly, I mean perfectly. My god, the seats are works of art, plain and simple. I picked up the interior from Steve in stages (about 8 trips in all), and both he and Jesse took their time to answer all my questions, show me techniques, and generally entertain me having fun learning about interiors. My deadline was taking the car to Monterey last year. I got everything back together, and the day before driving down to Monterey I dropped a coilpack. I called Steve, and he knew how frustrated I was, so put together a fresh pack (coil and amplifier) and gave it to me to use for the weekend. Sorry for the long post, I just cant say enough about Steve. Geno
  3. that's a killer deal with clamps, ring, grease, boot and bolts....
  4. Does anyone have a x reference to the CV boot for an early diablo?
  5. and if so, how much if any backfire/pop to get you on throttle lift off at say over 3k?
  6. I took the Diablo for a drive through Sausalito, and stopped for lunch where I met "Bret the plumber' who told me to say Hi. Geno
  7. Does anyone have one, I need a page or two. I actually need the whole manual, but for now just a page or two... Geno
  8. now that I am looking at the correct f'ing part, the schematic also shows rows 1-18, and 19 through 35, so should be able to perform all tests logically without the box. Thanks again, Geno
  9. check that, parts 32a and 32b show a 35 pin connection, thanks for the correction.
  10. 35 certainly makes sense as that is the maximum number of poles referenced from the diagnostic pages. Page 25 of the Electric System tab in the WSM, referencing part 113 from the electrical schematic, states: " Connector between engine and injection-ignition ECUs harnesses 39 pin" The WSM, and electrical diagram is for a VT, I don't think there is a separate WSM and electrical diagram for the 91...
  11. On the pre OBDII Diablo's, the WSM references the "Lamborghini Test Box", which plugs into the LIE harness (see pic) That price on that box is $4,000 but it doesn't matter as its NLA. The WSM lists a series of diagnostic tests using that test box, measuring ohms and volts, which I need to do. I the absence of the test box, I am going to test right from the LIE harness pins (or at least try to). First question, does anyone have this box, and if so can you post a picture? Does to go inline allowing the harness to be connected with the LIE (ie, running at the same time as using the test box)? Second question, has any one mapped the 39 pins their terminal locations? I haven't looked at the connector yet, hoping they are marking in some fashion. If not, I am going to, or at least attempt to map them out. Thank you fellas. Geno
  12. one of those is incredibly unremarkable
  13. that light is a rocker switch, press one side of the light and turns on, press the other side and it turns off, at least that is what is in my 91
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