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  1. eaks

    RyFips meets Daily Driven Exotics

    Great collection Ryan. I spent a couple nights in Kelowna when I did the track day at Area27. It was a blast. I stopped by tantilus over that weekend hoping to see you but you werent around. Just followed you on IG and saw the LM002 video. 20k for a set of tires and your lighting them up. Love to see people enjoying these cars. Too bad I didn't see you or any of your cars while staying in Kelowna but maybe next time. Enjoy in good health.
  2. eaks

    FREE Automobili Lamborghini polo or sweatshirt

    How does this work if I'm in Canada? Are the magazines online or print that is mailed?
  3. eaks

    Installing trunk tub after replacing battery

    Put the tub in first.
  4. eaks


    Yep. I have only attended a few times but always was a good turnout. I will keep an eye out for your car there and say hey. Enjoy in good health
  5. eaks


    483hp.. Great car. I am in Calgary and would love to see your car at some point (clearly not on the roads for a couple more months). Let me know when you are out and about as I would love to meetup and have a look at this beast. I will pull up in a Gallardo which isn't even close to the same level but would be great to see this. I didnt even notice you guys were in Calgary till I read about Sho.. Great sushi.. Havent seen any performantes in the flesh but I work out of town and moved to an acerage south of the city a year ago so am not in Calgary all that often
  6. eaks

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    My one concern about this is just that the dips and highs happen so fast that if you need to sell on a decline the extra transfer time going elsewhere to turn to cash can cost money. Again I havent even purchased any I am just starting to look and have it ready should I feel the need.
  7. eaks

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    I have the same question.. Although I am late to the game this is something I am considering getting into.. I just setup my coinbase account and am waiting on my ID to be verified as I am in canada. I also read that its easy to buy in canada but through coinbase it is very hard to get your money out. Any fellow canucks have any suggestions? Is there a better way then coinbase?
  8. eaks

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Insane man. Congrats and whatever your doing keep kicking ass. Ive never even seen a bug in the wild I cant imagine seeing those two beauties at a gas station. Keep kicking a$$..
  9. eaks

    Phone Holders

    Id be interested in a Gallardo holder (depends on design and size/ect).. I can be a test mule for you as well if you want (but im in Canada so might be a pain with shipping and stuff)..
  10. My wife just got back from Grand Bahia Principe Tulum and was not happy at all about the resort. I have been down in that area 4 or 5 times over the last few years and its decent.. I got married at the Royalton (2 or 3 years ago) and it was by far the best all inclusive I have ever been to (checkout the hideaway which is part of the same resort but you are able to get butler service/ect).. I have had friends rent a place in cabo and cancun and that is another great way to go especially if you want to escape and have a more private experience.
  11. eaks

    New one-off coming

    Looks great.. Waiting on more pictures..
  12. eaks

    Lambopower shirts

    Ill take 3 of the white ones with the all yellow logos (sent a pm earlier today).. I will actually take all of them but figured i would leave a couple for some other guys..
  13. eaks


    Sucks man.. Saw that video with you in VVs video and felt like $hit for you.. Even after the VV video of Parker going for the test drive and the trans having issues I was surprised he still went with them and then the whole fcuk around.. I cant believe this company is still running (although maybe they are close to going under and just taking peoples money). Glad to hear you are going with UGR and im sure Kevin will take care of you.. Any chance of you going after these guys legally? What ended up being the issue with the car on the current Dime build (or did you just say fcuk it and send it to UGR to fix)? Good luck buddy
  14. eaks

    Lambo boat on CNBC Thursday night

    Sorry it wouldn't let me edit my above post.. Is it 10pm eastern time? I think I found an online stream and want to make sure I watch this..
  15. eaks

    Lambo boat on CNBC Thursday night

    I need to check this out.. I am hoping there may be a way to live stream (im outside of the US) but if not I am hoping someone can post up some of the clips..