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  1. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Got a pic of the other bigger part.. Hard to say how it looks till I get it hung and see it with my own eyes..
  2. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Here's a sneak peak. I guess the images needed to be modified a lot.. I'm waiting on delivery but here's some pics she has sent me of the coasters.. I live out in the country on an acerage so the country look (horseshoes).. From what I can see these turned out great (I have 12 of these Eakins is my last name).. The big part is still in progress. Will update once I see it done. Thanks for the help
  3. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Will do. If it happens like I have planned it will be amazing.. Will post pictures for sure if they turn out
  4. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Yeah thats the one I sent her and that seems to get pixelation at the size we are wanting. May have to change my idea for this which sucks. But we will see.. Maybe someone will get me something. She has the laser booked for the weekend to complete the etching so hopefully I find something that will work.. Thanks
  5. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Bull and shield. I am getting multiple items made. Some with the script (which thanks to you guys I now have) as well as a couple items with the bull and shield.. I need a very high resolution image. Thanks
  6. eaks

    High resolution logo

    Thanks guys. This should work for them. I will send her this information now. Any luck on finding a very high res. image of the logo?
  7. Hey guys, I am having some custom decor built for my place and am trying to get a very large (4ftx4ft) logo laser etched into some tiger wood as well as another etching of the word Lamborghini in there font. I sent the person doing the work the largest images I could find online and she is telling me it won't work as it gets pixelated at that size. Hoping someone can help me out and either email me some or send me a link to download them? Thanks guys..
  8. Great collection Ryan. I spent a couple nights in Kelowna when I did the track day at Area27. It was a blast. I stopped by tantilus over that weekend hoping to see you but you werent around. Just followed you on IG and saw the LM002 video. 20k for a set of tires and your lighting them up. Love to see people enjoying these cars. Too bad I didn't see you or any of your cars while staying in Kelowna but maybe next time. Enjoy in good health.
  9. How does this work if I'm in Canada? Are the magazines online or print that is mailed?
  10. Yep. I have only attended a few times but always was a good turnout. I will keep an eye out for your car there and say hey. Enjoy in good health
  11. 483hp.. Great car. I am in Calgary and would love to see your car at some point (clearly not on the roads for a couple more months). Let me know when you are out and about as I would love to meetup and have a look at this beast. I will pull up in a Gallardo which isn't even close to the same level but would be great to see this. I didnt even notice you guys were in Calgary till I read about Sho.. Great sushi.. Havent seen any performantes in the flesh but I work out of town and moved to an acerage south of the city a year ago so am not in Calgary all that often
  12. My one concern about this is just that the dips and highs happen so fast that if you need to sell on a decline the extra transfer time going elsewhere to turn to cash can cost money. Again I havent even purchased any I am just starting to look and have it ready should I feel the need.
  13. I have the same question.. Although I am late to the game this is something I am considering getting into.. I just setup my coinbase account and am waiting on my ID to be verified as I am in canada. I also read that its easy to buy in canada but through coinbase it is very hard to get your money out. Any fellow canucks have any suggestions? Is there a better way then coinbase?
  14. Insane man. Congrats and whatever your doing keep kicking ass. Ive never even seen a bug in the wild I cant imagine seeing those two beauties at a gas station. Keep kicking a$$..
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