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  1. TurboGallardo

    N/A V12 Brinksmanship

    I think Ferrari will dump the V12 first. They were the first to embrace the turbo. They are in F1. I think Ferrari are more technically advanced and Lamborghini is more about flash and emotion.
  2. TurboGallardo

    Car lifts again..

    I had two Bend-Pak single post lifts in my garage for many years. Never really felt comfortable with the way they leaned in toward each other. Never had a problem with them but still. Also, the foot of the single post lift was really high and I used to scrape the bottom of some of my lower cars. And the platform had raised edges for structural reasons and it was too easy to curb a wheel on them. Eventually I got two American Custom Lifts. One was a double wide lift. Four posts, two platforms. And the other was a single four poster that I had custom made to have greater clearance so I could fit my Ford F250 underneath if I had to. Worked out really well. https://aclifts.com/products-2/automotive-l...-model-bu-9000/ https://aclifts.com/products-2/automotive-l...post-auto-lift/
  3. TurboGallardo

    Noble M12 track toy

    I had a Noble M400 for a while. Really liked the car but never tracked it. You will have an issue with heat soaking the intercooler. Also, like someone else said, don’t crash it. Not that a Radical would fare much better in a crash. Got any pics?
  4. TurboGallardo

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Congrats Bill, the color and the car is amazing. I knew I should have held out for the Spyder!
  5. TurboGallardo

    911 Singer/Williams

    Wow, that is a beauty.
  6. TurboGallardo

    new ZR1 vs 720S...

    720S is just a beast. My 720S is the first production car I've driven in a long time where I feel like it has a little too much power for the chassis. ZR-1 I'm sure has difficulty getting the power down even from a roll, but I didn't expect the 720S to be that much quicker.
  7. TurboGallardo

    Porsche 919 smashes another lap record

    Never happen.
  8. TurboGallardo

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    Congrats Brooks! Car looks amazing. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. ;-)
  9. Walter Rohrl is my hero. As I read the interview I was thinking I'd be saying the exact same things about electric cars and the future of driving.
  10. TurboGallardo

    The Porsche 919 beats F1 car...

    I've driven that thing on my simulator a bunch of times. I think I did a lap around the 'Ring in under 4 minutes if I remember correctly. I wonder if, 8 years on, the specification of that purely theoretical vehicle would be any different. Would it be hybrid? Would it be pure electric?
  11. TurboGallardo

    The Porsche 919 beats F1 car...

    Cool stuff. I wonder, if you gave an engineer an unlimited budget to build a car with no restrictions with the sole objective of setting the fastest lap time around the greatest road courses in the world, what that car would look like.
  12. You posted this in the wrong place. It should be in the porn section.
  13. TurboGallardo

    Got a new creampuff!!!

    Back in the day I wanted a 928 so bad...Ended up getting a 3000 GT VR4 instead. So much regret.
  14. TurboGallardo

    My Easter!

    Love the Diablo. Is that Verde Ithaca?
  15. TurboGallardo

    Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan ARMY at TX2K18

    Modded Chiron...