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  1. Mine 14K KM. Red w/ Tan interior *FLAWLESS* US Model Clear Title Red Large Factory Wing Original Bumpers and block offs Yours: Aventador No salvage or history problems. Prefer VI.
  2. Having owned both a G and a LP- both for about the same time, I would put 100% of my opinion behind the LP570. The Murcielago- albeit over the top- is just not worth the extra money. Put Lambo doors on a LP570 and BAM you've got the perfect car.
  3. Sorry, it sounded more like this" "Howmuch'll ya gim fer it anywhooz?" Sorry, I didn't have my English to Okie Translator set properly.. Kidding, I'm from Texas I don't have any leeway to pick on the way people talk. The guy sounds like he's stressed about the car. If someone was building a top-end run car or some other sort of project, he might go for $120. When I threw out 130 he just said to come look at it and we'd talk. That's codespeak for "I really need to move this." Just an interesting little blip on the turd radar that is Me.
  4. It's a scrap certificate car. Guy claims he knows nothing about it, but "how much'll ya gimme for it anyway?"
  5. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/3598968982.html I've tried to email with no response. Anybody know this car, or who it belongs to? I figure it to be a $140-145K car. Looks like the kind of deal that would work out...
  6. Just getting back in market to sell the 08 and man I cannot believe the variance from just a few months ago. $180 to $200K for low 10K mile cars? Ouch! Anybody recently buy? I've found several in the 180 range which means a super clean one can be had for very low ~200s.
  7. We are a violent species. An amazing study in how random the combination of a few tweaked-out proteins can evolve in a cosmic micro-second. We split from a very innocuous species less than 500,000 years ago. Lived in caves for 495,000 years. Whacked women over the head with clubs, ate each others flesh and lived like monkeys. Some virulent strain decided to build cities and plant corn- and then that strain inundated and mastered THE PLANET in less than 5,000 years. To understand how astonishing this is from an evolutionary perspective, consider this: Sharks took 350,000,000 years to evolve a functional dorsal fin. Okay? So, listen here motherfucker. When you talk to ME about guns and how we should control them- I tell you to pick up a history book, read it and write a quick paragraph or two about how we have supposedly cleansed the violence from our DNA in 5000 years. We are a violent, intelligent, frustrated, passionate species that will die by the sword we lived by. I'm just going to make sure I have a bigger sword than you. And I will teach my kids the same thing. Walk softly, carry a big stick. Each of us has a responsibility to either not procreate, or to do the best we can to teach our offspring to love one another without condition, and to use skepticism with strangers. And then maybe we (as a species) can exist long enough to cleanse the violence from our genetic lot.
  8. Yes, it's a stage 2 Weistech M156 Supercharger. custom downpipes. Definitely has a lot of lag. Thinking more and more that it's being starved for fuel.
  9. Flllppbbbtt.. Sorry, yes it's a 2012 C63 my bad. Absolutely unhinged when the car is under acceleration. Snarls and spits fire. Really needs a tune-up, but I like the demonic aspect of it too. Still runs well, just obviously over the top. Makes the LP640 with Larinis sounds like a little kitten. Not going to put any more miles on it until I get the kinks worked out. I've never experienced "supercharger" lag like this car has. Sure, on a turbo with big lungs you have some lag. But, this one really shouldn't. When the SC comes in around 5000 rpm you better hang on because the rear tires break loose at any speed.
  10. This thing sounds like satan unchained. No cats. Alarmingly quiet under low load, only screams bloody murder when its' accelerating or decelerating.
  11. I can't handle any more negativity. How about a little raucous Mercedes? Just picked it up, a strange combination of subtle and ridiculous. IMG_0176.MOV
  12. Anger. Just that. Nothing more. I would rip out his intestines if I could.
  13. I'm hunting a gift certificate for a performance driving school, something that a good driver who has never been on the track can really get a good weekend out of. Don't want to spend a fortune, because I don't know if they'll like it. Any great or terrible experiences?
  14. fake, real - doesn't matter. Was still very funny!
  15. joebiz

    F1 Get together

    There was soooo much screwing people going on there. I had an opportunity to be a part of the development, so extremely glad I didn't get caught up in all that. Some long-time friends now hate each other, and it will end up in litigation in Travis County and maybe even federal. Just happy I didn't put my toe in the water, I'm just a grandstand cheering beer-swilling nobody!
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