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  1. Jumping in. This is my friend Ian's film. I was him last night for his birthday and he could neither confirm nor deny the 'finger trick' was real. I refused to shake his hand.
  2. Welcome! Huge fan of the ADV.1 brand. Hope you don't mind some friendly pointers, just noticed a couple things from the Media sig. - Youtube link is broken. - Facebook link is a bit redundant with the Fanpage URL. This one goes to the Facebook homepage (why). Sorry. Just stuck out. Keep the awesome pics coming! You guys are killing it.
  3. Because of the way Edgerank works, your posts will never reach 100% of your fans. In fact, Facebook says an average post only reaches 16% of them. That's where promoted posts and sponsored stories come in (their bread and butter). You are dead on about being direct with your content, but the key is a careful balance. Posts that ask users to like/retweet/share certainly generate higher engagement, but if every post demands that same action, people will start to tune out. Nobody likes being forced to do something, especially in social. The real secret (which isn't really a secret) to growing your fan page is posting content that is valuable, better yet, irresistible to your audience. Do that consistently and people will share organically. Oh, and giving away free shit never hurts
  4. "The Ultimate Rally." Had an SSC Aero as the flagship car. Followed his forum carefully for months. Had a ton of loyal fanboys and then it all disappeared overnight. Can't believe this is the infamous "Kimble".
  5. Why talk when I can just sit back and watch the show?
  6. Ford V8? All I saw was a kleeman powered E55 with a 'Ford' Nitrous kit. Impressive numbers though!
  7. How come your license plate on the roadster says Nip-tuk? Plastic surgeon?
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