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  1. ralfabco

    1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th 944kms Red/Black

    Sad. Today, 400K, is worth considerably less in true value. You can find an as-new unmolested 'stock' Anniversario, with delivery mileage, for in or around 125-135K.
  2. ralfabco

    1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th 944kms Red/Black

    At the time, the exotic car market, was really hot. All the 12cyl cars were bringing good money. After the new Anniversario cars were delivered, the market tanked. Same situation, with the 1988-1991 Testarossa, and XJ 220 etc...
  3. ralfabco


    I still have the car. I lived overseas for 4.5 years. The car, is almost ready to be re-sprayed. Everything is dis-assembled and stripped - engine and transmission, glass, suspension, flares, rockers, doors, underneath the car, interior, and gas tanks etc...
  4. ralfabco

    I really need to buy a new gun...

    Awesome body..
  5. ralfabco

    Prototype Countach 5000S

    Any silver Countach is special.
  6. ralfabco

    1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th 944kms Red/Black

    The car is worth it, if the new owner wants to keep the mileage as-is. Driving the car, will cause the car to lose significant value. Imagine the agony, when the owner is driving the car and trying to limit the drive to a few kilometers. It is not difficult, to find an as-new Anniversario. Several Anniversario cars were put away as 'investments.'
  7. ralfabco

    What started your fascination for Lamborghini?

    (years ago) After I told the salesman, I had no interest in a 348, I got thrown out of the Ferrari dealer
  8. ralfabco

    Help Settle this for Deuce and I

    Bingo. The 355 is not cheap to maintain.
  9. ralfabco

    FYI-Countach Suspension Joint Failure

    Mike, Thanks I just pm'd Dean.
  10. ralfabco

    FYI-Countach Suspension Joint Failure

    I do not know. Several pictures were posted, of new Countach suspension parts. The CNC shop, is located in Australia. The products looked good. It cannot be too difficult, to obtain some feedback, from an Australian Countach owner.
  11. ralfabco

    Real Miura value....?..

    At times, a seller will put a car, in the wrong auction, with no reserve. When that happens, a buyer may find a bargain. I have no opinion, if this was the situation.
  12. ralfabco

    FYI-Countach Suspension Joint Failure

    I remember a shop in Australia, where the seller sent pictures of his products for the Countach. Does anyone have the contact information ?