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  1. Nope haven’t owned an LP400 yet
  2. Thanks for the positive support bro. The aventador is heavy but it actually handles very well. It’s not as nimble as the Huracan but does very well for what it weighs. I’ll get some videos of it doing donuts and power slides. It’s very well controlled even with the extra power I’ve added to it. Nobody has done it because yes it can get out of control easily as it is a v12. But then again some people still crash with it in awd lol
  3. 624FF4EC_1326_40A9_B7FA_28114ACFD800.MOV
  4. Just like every one of my other Lambo’s, I went RWD again. As usual it drives better overall. Higher end feels faster and of course the ability to do perfect donuts lol Hasn’t tripped any warning lights or anything either. Feels more planted than my rwd LP640 too 01C93E10_7E1D_4379_9C01_6F7E5CD1E55A.MOV
  5. Thanks for building such a beast Kevin! Currently undergoing some cosmetic mods, will post some pics/vids when I get more! Jorge's X version is just crazy, by far the fastest in Canada. This is a GREAT cruiser but can still hurt some feelings. These mufflers are actually fairly quiet when you need to be. With the 3.5" piping it has a nice deep tone, and just screams on the top end. Drove it on some hot days and car was rock solid. For anyone on the fence don't hesitate!
  6. Was wondering if I could convert the aventador to rwd just like my old murci. Has anyone done this or is it impossible to do?
  7. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but where do you check the hydraulic fluid? Thanks
  8. SXN

    Transmission issue

    Update: Had the vehicle towed to Calgary. Jarrod from Lambo service called to update me that the vehicle arrived yesterday, and would be looked at next day. That's great service, as I know there is appointments ahead of me. He's been a very nice person to deal with so far and is very straight forward. The sales dept has always been great from lambo vancouver so I hope service is the same. As far as maintenance, the gear oil has always been changed every year, as well all fluids. Vehicle was checked today, looks like the rear differential is done for. There are metal fragments in the fluid. Really sucks! Service says they have NEVER seen this happen before. They called Lambo Vancouver and this has never happened before there. Taking it apart it, appears there is no wear! No signs that anything was going to break, everything looked mint. Service says it makes no sense and don't know why this happened. Generally if a diff goes, there is massive whine, smells, and you WOULD know. There has not been a single noise/smell. Car was not driven hard at all since servicing, driven back from Calgary (300km), to golfing, then sold to me. From what I know these transmissions are pretty bulletproof unless you go stage 3+ TT. Aftermarket wheels would not affect the rear diff, and if so there would be wear and signs. At this point I would like service to investigate further on Monday. I would like to know what fluid was used, as it may be the wrong type (3 pedal car). I can't think of any reasons why it would go, especially driving like a grandpa! Does anyone have any ideas? I can say that they have been fantastic to deal with so far, I just want my car back on the road! Very sad and frustrating to have this happen so soon. And yes, would love to have a UGR build someday! I've driven a few heffner cars and cannot imagine how fun a built UGR car would be. Stage 3 with race heads + convertible sounds amazing!!
  9. SXN

    Transmission issue

    I have PMed a mod to have thread title changed to Transmission issue. I've dealt with the team on a few occasions at Vancouver and they were fantastic. When the vehicle was in for service it was checked over, had all the fluids changed and shocks. That was what they could find. I'm mainly just frustrated and wanted to vent. Thanks for understanding guys. No point in speculating until they receive the vehicle. Transport is booked today. Will keep everyone posted. I also really hope to get it sorted soon. I am a lambo guy through and through and love the brand.
  10. SXN

    Transmission issue

    I'm booking transport right away and car will be there this week. Hopefully have an update for you guys by next week. I've pmed a mod to change thread title. Yeah I'm just so frustrated. Usually an addition to the stable is exciting, this sure isn't! Thanks guys.
  11. SXN

    Transmission issue

    I posted it as I was pretty upset. I don't mean to bash them, otherwise I wouldn't be sending the car to them. I've bought from them before and they were great. I'm hoping for similar treatment. I'm sending it to them shortly to get it diagnosed. I just want it dealt with professionally. What if the fluids weren't changed properly? I'll change the thread title. If you feel it's unjustified then please delete thread. I'll post an update when I hear the final results. Edit: I can't seem to change the title. Sorry guys not exactly in the right frame of mind. Thanks for trying to understand.
  12. SXN

    Transmission issue

    Yes, absolutely I am sending the car down for them to check it out. It's not a thread to bash them, more of a vent. I hope they take care of me! I purchased it privately, I didn't ppi as it literally was in lambo within 1000km. It was completely checked over at that time. Lessons! I would still think if car is within a small time frame it's warranty? I know that complicates it slightly but doesn't change that it was serviced there. Car has aftermarket wheels, they are specced proper so no issues with differential etc. Thanks guys I'm definitely sad about it. I've heard tons of great things about Roy but haven't gotten a chance to buy from him yet!
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