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  1. Did you buy it privately? Already paid for it at the point of registration?
  2. It was low mileage just 50 miles. Having said that, the price he gave was exactly the same as a new one - called a couple of dealers and they gave the exact same discount for new cars. I don't have a problem with a low mileage demo car. Just had an issue with the fact that it should have been disclosed prior to taking my money, that's all!
  3. Thanks everybody for the replies and help - much appreciated! Yes, it was Tom who did the deal and didn't do the disclosure. I don't know about the warranty because I never asked and he didn't say. When it was subsequently shown to be a demo car (it was a tiny box ticked on the sales form), I declined to purchase because I felt it was inappropriate that it was represented as a new car. As the same with most of my deals I did the deal just based off a handshake and gentlemen's agreement. It's too bad I wasn't afforded the same graciousness from the dealership but I will give t
  4. Yeah I'm from out of state though, and I didn't think that any official dealer would represent a car other than what it was. Why bother? The client is always going to want to cancel after anyway right?? Or maybe times are bad and this is the best way to move cars :/
  5. Hey Eric, how's it going? Thanks for the advice. I'm not from Vegas actually! Hope all is well if you have biz/property/fam in Vegas. I'll shoot you a PM.
  6. Thanks Cake. I probably wouldn't have minded if he had just disclosed it was a demo (miles were very low). It's just a shame that he felt the need to withhold that fact. What a colossal waste of time on something that was just meant for fun.
  7. So... I was at Lamborghini Las Vegas some weeks back. I agreed to buy a car, paid a credit card deposit and left. Sent them a wire for the balance. Turns out later this supposedly brand new car is a 'demo' car - which wasn't disclosed at the point of the negotiations and it was represented as a new car. The sales guy insists there's no difference so the lack of disclosure makes no difference. I think there's a difference between a demo car and a new car, but hey, what do I know. So I politely request to void the transaction. They 'agree' albeit reluctantly, and they make the refun
  8. MnM

    Richard Mille

    Absolute garbage, don't get one.
  9. You can still buy the veneno roadster direct from factory at list.
  10. Lol c'mon. This is nonsense. I'll buy all the P1's you can find me at sticker. Please. I'm ready to pony up.
  11. Is this where you say its your buddy but its really you? Tough crowd here for sure with all their responses shitting on your buddy. lol.
  12. Ohhh. Sick instagram. And you have a Veneno! I'm envious already!
  13. Send my regards! I don't need a house soon, right? Last I checked you had plenty of spare garage space....
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