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  1. IanMan


    As most here have said in the past and will agree with me, Salmondrin is a bit of a clown. This whole McLaren Senna thing that happened with him is really odd and stinks IMO. Now he posts this. What baffles me is that the last few videos he's posted ALL have the comments disabled....
  2. IanMan

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    I'm going to definitely check this out. The trailers were awe-inspiring.
  3. IanMan

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    When are you and Ace not with beautiful ladies? If you click on his Instagram story from 5 hours ago, he talks about it and I noticed some of his comments were talking about it yesterday.
  4. IanMan

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Well, I don't advocate violence against anybody but I guess somebody finally got fed up with him. On his Instagram today he posted that somebody threw him on the ground and punched him in the face and he is talking about in his normal voice. could have really happened, and I wouldn't be surprised if it did, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he was just putting it out there for more attention, but it sounded like he was being serious.
  5. IanMan

    LP640 Hits The Dyno After Header Install

    That is 666 WHP? That's incredible.
  6. IanMan

    Thank You Debbie Foreman & Lambo Rancho Mirage

    Debbie is such a nice lady. I'm happy that there are people in this world like her. It's gut wrenching to see all of the children that have passed since she started doing this, but it's good to know that in their final moments she gave them some happiness and light. She definitely makes me want to volunteer more.
  7. IanMan

    Dont see this everyday

    I didn't play the lottery, but if I would have won the Mega Millions, this would have been first on my list.
  8. IanMan

    I’m back…

    Welcome back, old man.
  9. IanMan

    Hawaii Brad

    My friends in Hawaii call him Wackelmore. Lol.
  10. IanMan

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    We all are men (and women) here with a common bond. We just need to forget and move on, and as Bill and Ted said, "Be excellent to each other." Let's hug it out.
  11. IanMan

    Wallet recommendations

    Porsche Design wallets. I have had mine for about 4 years now. It was $175 and comes with a LIFETIME warranty. Yes, lifetime warranty. It's accidentally gone through the wash two or three times and still looks brand spanking new. Best wallet I have ever owned. EDIT: This is the exact one I own. They don't make it any more. I would purchase it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Mens-PORSCHE-DESIGN-French-Classic-3-0-Black-Leather-Bifold-Wallet/332823227983?hash=item4d7dcf6e4f:g:K3oAAOSwLMJbXyb7
  12. IanMan

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The car cover, I'll give you. I was new to the forum and really out there trying to find my footing as a young 23(?) year old at the time and I drew some shitty drawing up, but with good intentions at the time, so I get it. I've moved up quite a bit since then-from drawings to CAD designs and finally showing off projects to companies. The best I can do is take it like a champ and shrug it off in those situations, right? The context just never felt friendly because I felt you always had that reaction to something I'd post, and I never saw it towards anyone else unless they were being a complete ass on the boards. It's highly possible I took it out of context too, in which case I would like to publicly apologize to you. I swear I'm not easily offended, but it was definitely hard to tell where you were coming from. I hope this hasn't ruined anything between the two of us. I have thick skin but don't like to feel like I have a target on my back. Thanks for replying. Ian
  13. IanMan

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I just want to say that I mentioned a while ago that people should donate $5 to LamboCars every time they wanted a render because so many of you were asking, to which he replied in this thread and I quote: And not a single one of you had a problem with it, but all of a sudden because Supercar Ace wanted a render of a car that he's working towards, it's a big deal. Lambocars doesn't work for the factory and I never saw any of you offer to donate in the thread, (not to say that anyone didn't donate). He's never claimed to be anyone that he wasn't. He's never said anything against anyone or stirred any type of trouble here. I don't think it was fair for Captain Chaos to just come out and dox him like that. That is the textbook definition of bullying and Ace has never thrown any shade at Chaos, so why throw the stone all of a sudden? I've cut off every fcuking expense I could right now in order to pay for my business and projects. It's part of being an entrepreneur and making the dream happen. My point is, you don't know peoples' situations or what they're going through. What he does in his own time is his own business. I personally, and a few others are here because we are working towards a goal. I've been busting my ass to get there and I appreciate you guys and your input and advice. I've made so many good friends here and learned a lot. What hurts though is sometimes and in the past there are people that did what Captain did to me on here and think it's funny to say insulting things and be as discouraging as possible. For example. I asked a question, then Porter kept making fun of me for riding a bicycle to work, then told me to floor my car into a wall, etc, then said I sound like some pothead, asked if I smoked weed, etc. I asked about a project, someone here said "Nobody will sign your stupid NDA." Do some of you guys get off on just being a dick to people? I understand when there's a time to be a dick like when people tell a lie here, or cause trouble, or just act a fool, it's fun to hop in the mosh pit and get in arguments, but calling someone out in front of the whole forum who's literally done nothing wrong is classless.
  14. IanMan

    Who knows of the magic hangover cure pill?

    I do this for a fee for my friends, hahaha.
  15. IanMan

    Hawaii Brad

    Hey all. Not trying to start any drama here but I have a few questions. A few Cali friends and a few members here are familiar with "Hawaii Brad" and I believe in many cases are being mislead. Brad is always being seen driving a blue Centennario and a few here and many on Instagram are being lead to believe that the car is his, but that is not the case to my knowledge. I'm not sure what he's telling people in person either. Not too long ago Brad was just a salesman at Lamborghini of Honolulu. The car actually belongs to a gentleman on Maui who placed the order through Brad. I know this because Brad told me. I knew Brad from my constant visits to Lamborghini Honolulu to lust over cars and get my monthly inspiration in when I lived in Hawaii. I added Brad on Facebook last year and he announced that he was starting a YouTube channel and that he was trying to make car videos. Being that i try to support my friends as much as possible, I chatted with him and told him I had a lot of close friends stateside and also acquaintances I speak to occasionally that had cool cars that he should reach out to. I sent him a bunch of friend suggestions on Facebook to help him out. Later on, he deleted me right after a video of the blue Centennario popped up in my feed that had him in it and I commented that the car wasn't his. Odd, right? Some of my car friends in Honolulu have a very different impression of Brad than people have stateside. A very good friend of mine visited the dealership Brad worked at with Wataru Kato (founder of Liberty Walk). They got to talking and my friend asked Brad what he thought about Liberty Walk cars. Brad proceeded with somthing along the lines of "Oh yeah, I'm really good friends with Wataru. He's a cool guy, yada yada." not even realizing that the guy he was looking at next to my friend was Wataru..... Regardless of if he's being a poser or not. Good for him that he gets to drive all these cars. I'm not directing any hate his way or asking anyone else does either, but I'm just curious as to what the story is. https://www.instagram.com/hawaiibrad/?hl=en Cringe alert.