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  1. a007apl

    Next Week News

    First electric Lamborghini due by mid-2020s as two-door GT | Autocar
  2. a007apl

    Next Week News

    Sedan or new small Suv
  3. a007apl

    Next Week News

    Mybe Estoque or Asterion style comming
  4. a007apl

    Huracán STO

    Nice! Check the Sian
  5. Maybe that its a GT, the last of Aventador, like a Diablo SV and later the GT...
  6. It is a Hypercar, no street legal, like a Sexto Elemento ...
  7. Aventador + Sexto Elemento + Centenario + Some News = IT
  8. a007apl


  9. Weel, LP its Longitudinal Posteriore, but Urus its front engine ... https://wheelers.me/en/lebanon/cars/brands/lamborghini/urus/
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