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  1. these were on the car for 25 miles... stock cats are 600 cell, these are 200 cell provides awesome sound and power increase in the mid and upper ranges these are built to order by Larini retail is $2595 sell for $1595 plus shipping for a reference ask Sameer, he loves these on his car! Please send PM with interest
  2. will buy outright or trade for HRE 542 19/20" gloss black powder coated lip with satin black centers with brand new Pirelli's, wheels are brand new as well...will also sell HRE's with Pirelli's outright PM if interested
  3. The system is the most exotic sound you will get from a turbo, beautifully made, no backfire at all, you were misinformed
  4. Cargraphic Super Sound Export is the best sounding exhuast for a 996TT hands down and yields 28 dyno proven HP. PM for more info
  5. Murci is mine, not for sale GT3 RS is my buddy Steve's...couple of mods planned
  6. Buddy...a '98 SV is the car to get, that was my first Lambo and the most exclusive and definitely the coolest! good to see you here man!
  7. James...do it and I will buy it from you when you are done...just make sure it has ceramics
  8. I never advertised my business on LP for free nor was I contacted by anyone to sponsor LP ever. The gentleman from Kentucky just asked a question in reference to my integrity. Everyone who knows me knows that my passion is Lamborghini and profit is secondary. Calling me cheap is kind of out of line as you do not know me at all Allan. Jeez I cannot believe what I am reading has escalated to this point from a single question from a new to be Lambo owner. I thought we were here to help each other on all levels.
  9. They are from a friends car but yes exact same setup as my car PM me when you can
  10. such as seats, door panels and any other panels (willing to trade black parts plus cash or will buy outright) PM if anything TIA
  11. how about black Hermera LP 640 wheels and factory Pirelli's with 300 miles? PM if interested
  12. that is not over market especially if it is a good car.
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