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  1. I could probably help you out. If you want to email me what you need Ill get you a price. [email protected]
  2. 2 hides and did the dash. Unless they used vinyl on some parts I kind of find it hard to believe. 4 or 5 hides is completely crazy but there is never a hide of leather that is fully usable. Some parts of the hide need to be split so you could wrap certain panels. There are many variables. I would say 2.5 to 3.5 hides depending on coupe convertible or using alcantara on some parts. The job would be anywhere from 12k - 16k.
  3. Didn't we have a girl on here like 10 years ago making up a false life also? Supervixen or Fallon or some bs. I can't remember the names
  4. i believe the car is turbocharged not supercharged.
  5. I have been preaching this for years now. I have tried every car out there right now, and nothing gives me the feeling the Murcielago gives me. It is not blistering fast, it can not tear up the twists, but it is a raw animal of a car. Overtime I drive the murcielago I am exhausted afterwards. I barely ever want to drive back home in it. Missing the LP640 more and more.
  6. I believe the car sold finally. I was going to be in Miami next week and thought about going to see it but so much for that now.
  7. So is the problem with this car mostly that it was in Panama? I believe the car was built by MC Customs for a baseball player who is from Panama? I could be wrong as its all hear say at this point. I am kind of interested to possibly buy it and restore it to factory condition again. Just don't know if the history of it will never let it shine as a collectors SV.
  8. I have been doing it for myself for a few years. If you find someone actually trust worthy of doing it I would be interested also.
  9. I use C-Quartz UK on a weekly basis. It always provides stellar results for me. They also make some great car wash soaps and sprays to upkeep the hydrophobic effect and shine.
  10. Lol I offered them 65k for it hoping they would counter with a realistic number. They countered at $500 off listing. LoL
  11. I agree with what you said, given a clean bill of health it would be worth 100-110k tops. So now I gave some more details. Now after knowing some of those details I am wondering what you feel it may be worth? Obviously it will only be worth what someone is willing to pay. I work on these cars everyday and know a good deal about what goes into them. For that I may be biased on what I think some of them are worth. So if I know what others are thinking it will tell me if I am that far off base. Thank you.
  12. So lets think about it. To get the car mint again you will most likely spend 25-30k. The car has a bad carfax. It was involved in an accident, which I would bet resulted in the SV bumper being installed. Then had a wing removed, which I would say wasn't done correctly. Obviously thats my assumption. If the holes were repaired and repainted, I can assure you that when the wrap is removed the clear coat will also peel in that area. To me this is an 80k car on the high end of it.
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