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  1. Infamous

    Anybody know anyone who does custom jewelry

    I could probably help you out. If you want to email me what you need Ill get you a price. [email protected]
  2. I think I have a stock one.
  3. Part is long gone..
  4. Infamous

    Cat 5 Hurricane Irma :(

    Stay safe everyone!!!
  5. Wanna come to NY ? LoL
  6. Infamous

    WTB: Audi R8

    I have a 2017 R8 for sale. Interested?
  7. I am looking to sell my 2017 R8 non plus. Suzuka grey exterior/ black interior with red diamond stitching. Window sticker was 180k and I have 2k miles on the car. It has a fabspeed exhaust and tune. Also has BC forged wheels. 20inch front and rear and also a set of 21inch rears. OEM exhaust and wheels also included with the vehicle Asking 160k OBO
  8. Infamous

    My New Car

    Congrats Tara!!
  9. 2 hides and did the dash. Unless they used vinyl on some parts I kind of find it hard to believe. 4 or 5 hides is completely crazy but there is never a hide of leather that is fully usable. Some parts of the hide need to be split so you could wrap certain panels. There are many variables. I would say 2.5 to 3.5 hides depending on coupe convertible or using alcantara on some parts. The job would be anywhere from 12k - 16k.
  10. Didn't we have a girl on here like 10 years ago making up a false life also? Supervixen or Fallon or some bs. I can't remember the names
  11. Infamous

    2005 Murci Roadster 3 pedal car Info needed

    i believe the car is turbocharged not supercharged.
  12. I have been preaching this for years now. I have tried every car out there right now, and nothing gives me the feeling the Murcielago gives me. It is not blistering fast, it can not tear up the twists, but it is a raw animal of a car. Overtime I drive the murcielago I am exhausted afterwards. I barely ever want to drive back home in it. Missing the LP640 more and more.
  13. Infamous

    Orange SV Going Through Manheim today

    I believe the car sold finally. I was going to be in Miami next week and thought about going to see it but so much for that now.
  14. Infamous

    Orange SV Going Through Manheim today

    So is the problem with this car mostly that it was in Panama? I believe the car was built by MC Customs for a baseball player who is from Panama? I could be wrong as its all hear say at this point. I am kind of interested to possibly buy it and restore it to factory condition again. Just don't know if the history of it will never let it shine as a collectors SV.
  15. Infamous

    Good Credit Repair referrals?

    I have been doing it for myself for a few years. If you find someone actually trust worthy of doing it I would be interested also.