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  1. LPOZ

    Shfit Sector Indiana this weekend

    Is the red car capable of matching the yellow one? Can the DCT take all the power?
  2. LPOZ

    TX2K18 update thread

    Class act ! Good to see you're enjoying the car and the competition.
  3. TTz just ran 10.6 at WSID in his Performante
  4. Only one on Carsales Fortis is a first edition... 699k Aust. Fark that
  5. I think it's awesome! Who gives a fu(k what others think? Do what makes you happy and live life to the fullest. We are only here a short time
  6. LPOZ

    OB Prestige Drag Huracan

    WOW... UGR runs 7.6 with a stock looking car. This thing looks like it should hang with Gidis GTR. So the statement 6s or be disappointed is ok. FFS ... It is a bog ask, but with UGR numbers so impressive why not aim for 6s out of it?
  7. LPOZ

    OB Prestige Drag Huracan

    To play with the GTRs this is what you need to do. Good on them for giving it a go. Hopefully a UGR customer will want to decimate all and go this route.
  8. Trying to get a pic of it at the Factory. Confirmed it is built and waiting to be flown over
  9. Finishes being built on the 20th of Oct. ( today ) then flown into Sydney. Hopefully before November!
  10. Same as TTz but he picked the bronze colour wheels
  11. You missed the Miura Concept car.
  12. LPOZ

    Pikes Peak 1/2 mile

    Best response yet the the GTR fan boi
  13. LPOZ

    TT Huracan Speedo

    nice, stage X DCT not too far away then?