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  1. Slingshot is a lame excuse, Tony has enough experience to know this is always a possibility so why did He take off so fast from the burn out box? He set himself up for failure by doing that because He made it very difficult for Ross to catch up.... Tony didn’t get Troll by anyone... He just messed up and now He is having a hard time to recognize his failure (as usual)
  2. Tony on brake boost full green light asleep zzzzz.... Any more questions?
  3. Congratulations for winning ANOTHER KOS, good job
  4. Who lost respect for Kevin? Lmao.... UGR won more KOS than all the competition combine...
  5. I don’t think so! There is not reason to run again Ross had the green light.
  6. Awesome congratulations for the 2 new world records
  7. Yes 1/2 mile Virginia wanna go fast (4000 feet elevation) I think on sea level this car should go 230 🔥 Very smooth
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