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  1. bev0

    Some pics....

    Great images! thank you for sharing.
  2. bev0

    Peformante Down

    Spotted this on facebook. Terrible sight, glad nobody was injured. as per post... "Yes, that was my friend and I at the gas station last night. We were out driving for a bit and I needed to go get gas. The blue Lamborghini pulled up right behind me (red performante). He decided to go in to get us waters and while I was trying to pay for my gas at the pump there was a card error, so I also went inside. As soon as we walked in, we saw a massive fireball out the window. We all ran out of the gas station to the other side of the road. At this point, we had no idea what happened or who’s car(s) were on fire. We dialed 911 and when the fire was out you could see that his car was completely burned down, our red one just covered in ash. While talking to police and firefighters a man ran up and said he saw what happened. He was recording the cars to show his friends and caught a guy driving off with a gas pump still in his car. The pump sprayed fuel directly into the blue Huracan’s engine bay and it instantly ignited. Police found the guy that did it and everything will be taken care of. Just thankful we all got away safe and it didn’t escalate into a bigger fire. No one was in the cars at the time. Video below from the bystander. Thank you for all your kind comments, very grateful!!"
  3. bev0

    Underground Racing 259.67 pass (( 1320 VIDEO ))

    Great video guys, well done on the achievements. When will you guys be posting your own videos again? last vid on the UR channel on youtube is 6 months ago
  4. Jeez that looks great! Congrats on your purchase mate. Enjoy in the best of health. Are those work equips by chance?
  5. That color is amazing! Saw a vid of this ripping on instagram already. Moves out!
  6. bev0

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    Looks incredible! looking forward to hearing driving impressions. Congrats again, enjoy in the best of health mate.
  7. Looks fantastic! No doubt a set of TT's is the way to go!
  8. bev0

    Audi R8 V10+ Inbound

    Looks great! Enjoy in the best of health!
  9. Looks great! CF ties in well with grigio lynx.
  10. bev0

    Pictures from Concert at my house

    That's awesome mate!
  11. This is really epic! Well done to OB and Heffner! Really looking forward to seeing this laying it down on the strip.
  12. Congrats! Enjoy in the best of health.
  13. bev0


    Whats everyones thoughts on this? 5khp seems rather far fetched. They also built this nutty evo, which is the quickest in the world currently.
  14. Great video by camp UR Certainly clears up the whole "slingshot" issue. Well done to Ross on his win!