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  1. Hey Hope all of you are well. There's been a huge shift to Insta/Twitter/FB but the passion still burns. https://glickenhausracing.com/ Best Jim
  2. Thanks! The Boot is really fun and easy to drive. It floats over huge bumps. The 4DR version is amazing and with it's optional 840 HP engine very fast. It's kinda of a modern version of the LM 002.
  3. Shakedown test Of Boot that will race The Baja 1000 went very well. Flat out for long stretches. No cooling issues. Much faster on rough parts than we thought. No stock SUV will run with us off road.
  4. No CF does not hold up to extreme off road. It was tried on Paris to Dakar with poor results. That's why we test with unpainted chassis wiped down with WD 40. Paint hides cracks as well. IMG_4749.MOV
  5. Thanks. Race Boot getting ready for the Baja 1000 this November.
  6. Hi Yes. This year we'll deliver 5 Glickenhaus Boots. In 2020 we'll deliver 30 004's, 20 Boots and at least one 003. We'll race the Baja 1000 this November in our road legal Boot and The N24 in several 004's. In 2020 our 007 will begin racing The WEC and in 2021 Le Mans. We will do a run of road legal 007's. Our production goal for 2021 is 100 cars.
  7. We've begun building Glickenhaus 004C chassis 1. Our goal is first drive (which will be by me) third week of January. Glickenhaus 004S build chassis 000 will begin build in a few weeks. Glickenhaus 004CS soon thereafter. 004's are center driver two rear passenger. We've stretched the cockpit 125mm to give the rear passengers more head and shoulder room which worked very well. Now two 6'5" passengers can sit in the back. We've engineered the car to be fully US 50 State legal. Our first crash testing will begin soon. This has been quite a journey. This one will really be something... Here's Glickenhaus 004S which will come in two versions the S having 650 HP available with a manual gearbox and the CS having 840 HP with a dual clutch paddle shifter.
  8. Best Holiday Wishes To All Of You And Yours!!
  9. I still do updates. All is very good. That one is not for me. Modulo is coming along well. We're doing a lot of development on SCG O003 and am very hopeful about 2016 and our road version which we'll show at Quail.
  10. jota


    We'll be at Quail with 0854. If you're around please say Hello!
  11. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/en...ni-i-was-there/
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