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  1. jota

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Very Nice!
  2. jota

    Merry Christmas 2015

    Best Holiday Wishes To All Of You And Yours!!
  3. jota

    Thomassima sold!

    I still do updates. All is very good. That one is not for me. Modulo is coming along well. We're doing a lot of development on SCG O003 and am very hopeful about 2016 and our road version which we'll show at Quail.
  4. jota


    We'll be at Quail with 0854. If you're around please say Hello!
  6. jota

    Got my Ferruccio emblems!

    Very Nice!
  7. The only way I could see this happening and it could happen is if Audi moves to F1 and VW takes the Audi LMP1 and badges it as a "Lambo" or takes a Porsche Petrol LMP1 and brands it "Lambo" as VAG did when they took an Audi LMP1 and branded it "Bentley".
  8. jota

    1967 Ferrari P 3/4 Chassis 0846
  9. jota

    F430 aftermarket headers wanted

    We designed and built headers for P 4/5 C which races with a 4.5 Liter version of that motor. Ours are ceramic coated inside and out and have no issues but we did have issues with 430 racing headers. We do use additional heat shielding around various components. I'd try and find a shop who's had extensive 430/Header experience as this is a problem many 430 owners have had. The shops that do 430 challenge are a good choice like Universal in LI NY.
  10. jota

    Huayra challenge in the US!!!

    Very Nice! Congrats!