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  1. Funny thing I was just over on a different forum and saw this. I haven't logged in on my account here in ages. and I saw a thread you started taking delivery on ur gallardo which turned in to a bashing of user 'amar1' hilarious stuff I'm almost ashamed to say but hes my older brother 29 living at home lamboless(it's my dads) and I feel the same way you guys do on his idiocies Back to topic congrats on the murcie GB, wrap and advs compliment the car very well
  2. chris90


    i always try to stop myself from even bothering to look at this thread cuz i know it will be spam, but i end up doing it anyways. spam away
  3. chris90


    i thought chris doesnt work there anymore last time i checked
  4. chris90


    this is irritating me just make a new t hread that says war part 2 when you know tell us
  5. when did you go i got back yesterday that orange murci on display is mine, im pretty sure they will let you sit in the blue murci coupe if they still have it in there. i got to sit in every car i wanted i didnt bother to ask to sit in the enzo, i think its just cause my dad bought one though lol
  6. someone step it up and post pics of the unpostables! looks like a fun time :partyman: monkeylt
  7. http://lambocars.com/new/mur2000.htm 2000 murcis, i dont know i think the less made the better but o well.. I dont really like the color not sure the name of it either
  8. give up.. you posted another members car claiming its yours wow
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