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  1. I thought most modern cars were already "pre-broken in" because most people won't follow direction
  2. Honestly, at this point, nothing would f****** surprise me
  3. One thing to tell you from the retail mortgage industry, some lenders are putting out stricter guidelines and I just saw one HUGE lender/servicer is completely stopping all new loan applications as of today. Usually when one does something the rest will follow...
  4. Hospitals in NYC are now getting refrigerated trailers delivered for standby. Nurses and doctors are using trash bags as gowns. Raj has been showing how hospitals can use a full face scuba mask and a filter on the snorkel. SCG has been developing parts for these masks to accommodate the filter. As bad as NJ is, it seems like the more time that is going by, people are caring less and less. More people are out on the roads and in parks.
  5. The governor of NJ put in a curfew from 8pm to 5am but it is only strongly recommended. There were plenty of cars around after 8pm so I think it is going to end up being mandatory. My county is closing all businesses except grocery stores, restaurants are for carry-out or delivery only, pharmacies, gas stations, auto repair shops only if connected to a gas station. I think it will become more strict and that will go state-wide soon, as the state has been following what Bergen county has been doing in regards to restrictions
  6. The low mortgage rates have been good for my wallet. Trying to ride this as long as possible. Only store I went to was the gun shop to stock up on supplies. People are getting really crazy around here. All school districts in my county are closed until further notice. The governor might make that statewide. All movie theaters are closed in my county. I think malls might be next. Supermarkets here are running out of meat, poultry, eggs, etc. every day. The cases in my county have been doubling just about every day. I’m not nervous about the virus but I’m nervous about people’s reaction to the closures and possible rations.
  7. The pictures aren't showing up for me
  8. Macaulay Culkin was a top contender but always survived
  9. Maybe they figured nothing would make it look better
  10. I love it but there is always something wrong with it. Nothing major but annoying little things or a recall here and there. Looking at other brands for my next lease but nothing catches my eye like this car so I'll probably just end up with another one . I'm hoping since the new one is supposed to come out in 2021 I can get a decent deal on a leftover C43 this time around
  11. Dealer said it was probably from a previous poor repair. They fixed it and covered the cost
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