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  1. Tara

    My "new" Car

    Haha you guys are nuts! Yes, I'm planning on wheels in the future. They are just so damn expensive
  2. Tara

    My "new" Car

    Thank you Cake! Last weekend while changing the downpipe a stud snapped. This is actually a common problem but my brother was able to get it out in a few minutes. Also, in the process of removing some intake stuff to reach the top bolts of the downpipe a few rubber hoses that turned solid from all of the heat cracked and broke so I'm waiting for those to come in. We also didn't have time to finish so it will be finished this weekend. Thankfully the garage is air conditioned which is nice since it has been 90*+ here lately
  3. Tara

    My "new" Car

    I changed the tires and got an alignment last weekend. Going to get the front bumper repainted and a few small dings fixed with PDR. This weekend I'll be changing all of the fluids, spark plugs and wires, cooler thermostat. The guy I bought it from had the oil and spark plugs changed recently and I have records but I want to change the weight and brand and know it is done and I can continue on my own maintenance schedule. I'll be ordering a ceramic coated downpipe soon to get rid of the pre-cat that gets ridiculously hot and causes problems in the long run. I want to make it a "reliable " tour
  4. Tara

    My "new" Car

    I had one about 15 years ago and always wanted another one. I was looking to get another one and I started my search. I finally found one that I wanted but it was in Washington, the other side of the country for me. Luckily, it was only 15 minutes away from Cats Exotics. Big thank you to Roy and Kevin for brokering the deal for me and looking over the car before I bought it. They also set up transport for me. 1994 Mazda RX-7 with 74k miles on it. Needs some TLC but it is in great condition and has MANY new factory parts, it is also 100% stock. 46870174_894066284489933_62675617478
  5. I'm here, just not much to post about or comment on. Same thing with other forums I would visit. Just not enough content. Either the most active people are not "in the game" anymore or have moved to different platforms like FB or IG which are terrible for information.
  6. Thanks Dave! If it works out I'm going to have Roy broker it for me
  7. Specifically Kirkland, WA. I’m looking to possibly purchase a car from a private seller and I have never done this before. I want to make sure the car is real, runs, drives, etc. Also, how can I ensure the guy won’t take my money and disappear? I was told to use a private escrow company by someone. Can I just use a title company or are there companies that specifically do this for cars? Unfortunately, due to my work schedule lately flying out there is not an option.
  8. I wonder how much the hood tie-down option is and if you can get them in other colors
  9. I have never bid on anything and I do not plan to anytime soon. It is a good time waster to just browse through and look at some cool cars though. I don't bother to look at the comments because I have noticed the same. If I want to see comments of people talking nonsense and nothing of value, I'll go on Facebook
  10. I thought most modern cars were already "pre-broken in" because most people won't follow direction
  11. One thing to tell you from the retail mortgage industry, some lenders are putting out stricter guidelines and I just saw one HUGE lender/servicer is completely stopping all new loan applications as of today. Usually when one does something the rest will follow...
  12. Hospitals in NYC are now getting refrigerated trailers delivered for standby. Nurses and doctors are using trash bags as gowns. Raj has been showing how hospitals can use a full face scuba mask and a filter on the snorkel. SCG has been developing parts for these masks to accommodate the filter. As bad as NJ is, it seems like the more time that is going by, people are caring less and less. More people are out on the roads and in parks.
  13. The governor of NJ put in a curfew from 8pm to 5am but it is only strongly recommended. There were plenty of cars around after 8pm so I think it is going to end up being mandatory. My county is closing all businesses except grocery stores, restaurants are for carry-out or delivery only, pharmacies, gas stations, auto repair shops only if connected to a gas station. I think it will become more strict and that will go state-wide soon, as the state has been following what Bergen county has been doing in regards to restrictions
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