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  1. Tara

    RIP Taylor Sims

    That's sad, RIP
  2. Have you been to NJ?
  3. I was in my driveway the other day and noticed my one wheel had serious chipping and cracking in the clear coat. They look like stress cracks. Anybody see anything like this before? IT's a 2017 with 36k miles. Do you think the dealer would cover it with warranty? I'm guessing they will blame it on me
  4. Since I don't like rules, I made my own list 1. LP670 2. Aventador SV 3. Aventador 50th 4. Diablo 6.0 5. Huracan 6. LP560
  5. This. I knew someone who was an electrical engineer for Harris. I asked him once what he was working on and he said "I have no idea it's a government contract" and he honestly meant it.
  6. I think only if certain criteria is met. The same thing applies to law students if they take a job in the local government.
  7. I would like to add that the teaching field is also important. Every single person I know who has gone to school for some sort of teaching degree has actually followed through with it. Problem is the cost of the degree usually doesn't match the pay just like you said about the earning potential of the degree until you are YEARS in or run up to an administrative position, which still takes many years to achieve, most of the time.
  8. I've been look for the black beach towel with the gold crest for years.
  9. The biggest problem I have is if a kid who has legitimately worked their ass off to get accepted and they get booted and the other kid is put in their place. If their family is making 7 or 8 figure donations, open another spot for them. The bigger issue in the country is what Rawr brought up, student loans. Student loans are wild and need some kind of overhaul. I just do not know what other than lowering the interest rate which I think will only make a small impact or emphasize paying the principle while still in school. I was fortunate enough to be able to pay mine off quickly but I'm sure I am in the minority. Some of the payment plans people are on do not make sense, as in they will never pay them off. I've seen people with $100k in loans paying $200mo, it just doesn't make sense. Most people are on 10 year repayment plans though, if they make their payments. The biggest problem is people don't give a shit about paying them until it prevents them from buying a house, car, etc.
  10. Congratulations! That is a very pretty house
  11. Here is a factory video about it from Mr JWW. CVK and his employees are mad geniuses.
  12. Tara

    Murcielago R-SV

    I know this is an old video but I just came across it again...
  13. Tara

    Need A Favor Quick!

    I had 2 members try to help me off the board but I got it worked out in the end
  14. Tara

    Need A Favor Quick!

    Very random question but anybody here have a Black Card that wants to help me out? I need a reservation for a restaurant in NYC tomorrow night but they don’t have the time I need. It’s not a crazy restaurant either. Can anybody help???
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