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  1. Sources tell me could be a year and one half before it comes to market.
  2. Having owned a Aventador Roadster just let me say that most of his complaints are valid. Transmission sucks, storing the roof panels is a pain in the ass. Must makes sure they are locked in or scratches can happen. Lousy radio ( who cares ), price has gone way up but resale sucks on most of the models. Needs a double clutch tranny real bad. Still a great looking car though. BTW, doors may look neat but real pain in the back getting in and out. Love the conventional doors on the Huracan. In fact prefer the Huracan to Aventador. No contest. Huracan is that good.
  3. Cant wait. My order went in yesterday!
  4. Anyone own or driven the AMG GTR?
  5. speed2

    New Site

    Just not feeling the love for this new site.
  6. speed2

    New Posts??

    Is there a New Posts since your last visit somewhere??
  7. speed2


    Very nice. Congrats
  8. I have owned an Aventador Roadster. Not impressed with the J. Maybe I have to wait until I see it.
  9. The Forged makes me think of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever! No likee!
  10. speed2

    Naples Motorsports

    When I was involved in negotiating with them on a $360k car I found them difficult to work with and deceptive. Decided not to continue negotiation.
  11. Look at the Huracan.
  12. speed2


    The F12 arrives next week. Only drove it a small amount so cannot comment.
  13. speed2


    And that will be good news indeed!
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